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Mesh Belt Dryer
【Effective volume】:  1.7-225.2m3
【Power】:   3-90Kw
【Heat source】:  it is a kind of equipment which takes advantage of steel mesh as conveying belt to convey materials. It can be used with other equipment and can also be used independently. .
【Applications】:  it can be applied to building materials, chemical industry, cement industry to dry slag, limestone and clay. It is an ideal equipment to dry food and vegetables. .

Product Description

 Taida DW series mesh-belt dryer can be widely applied to chemical industry, food, medicine, contruction material and electro industry. It is especilly suitable to dry slice, strip and pellet materials with  good air permeability and breakable materials with low flash point. Aimed at different customers' demands, we can match corresponding crushing device, material distributing device and correcting device.
mesh belt dryer
  As for heat source system, there are various type availale, such as hot air, steam, electricity and etc.We can customize teflon mesh belt,wire mesh, stainless steel chain mesh and special steel belt in meet requirements of multiple raw materials. It is the professional deisgn team and rich technical experience that makes superior quality of DW series drying equipment. DW Series cannot only save energy, but also can maintain perfect inner and outer quality while achieving good drying effect. 


Good abrasive resistance and long service span

When the temperature is too high, there will no oxide skin. This machine is characterized by good abrasive resistance. Therefore, it has a long service span.

Flexible temperature and discharged particle size

There are various inlet temperatures. This machine can make the materials at outlet presented as small particles or powder which provides convenience for next process.

Great handling capacity 

There is a whole set of equipment which holds 10 to 200t/h output capacity. We can also customize drying machine according to customer’s demands.

Reasonble design

Reasonable design can avoid the leakage of materials.It adopts special seal structure made from tin steel piece between cover body and machine, which prevents leakage under micro negative pressure.

Product Line Structure

mesh belt dryer
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Product Feature and Application


DW-1.2-8 DW-1.2-10 DW-1.6-8 DW-1.6-10 DW-2-8 DW-2-10 DW-2-20
Unit no. 4 5 4 5 4 5 10
Belt width (m) 1.2 1.6 2
Drying stage length (m) 8 10 8 10 8 10 20
Material thickiness (mm) 10-80
Temperature (℃) 50-140
Steam pressure (Mpa) 0.2-0.8
Steam consumption (Kg/h) 120-130 150-375 150-375 170-470 180-500 225-600 450-1200
Drying period (h) 0.2-1.2 0.25-1.5 0.2-1.2 0.25-1.5 0.2-1.2 0.2-1.5 0.5-3
Drying capacity (Kg water/h) 60-160 80-220 75-220 95-250 100-260 120-300 240-600
Installed power (kw) 11.4 13.6 11.4 13.6 14.7 15.8 36.8

Overall dimensions
L m 9.56 11.56 9.56 11.56 9.56 11.56 21.56
W m 1.49 1.49 1.9 1.9 2.32 2.32 2.32
H m 2.3 2.3 2.4 2.4 2.5 2.5 2.5
Total weight (Kg) 4500 5600 5300 6400 6200 7500 14000

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