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What is the main process flow of organic fertilizer production

2021-11-24author:TAIDA GROUP

Organic fertilizer production lines makes use of cow dung, chicken manure, digester and other wastes to make fertilizer.
1.    Fermentation process:
The first procedure of the production line is organic matter fermentation. During the preparation stage, the compost will be transported to the mixer to be turned over and mixed in order to speed up the fermentation speed.

2. Crushing process:
During this process, crushing the compost block by the crusher. It be ready for the pelleting process. If the result of compost fermentation is good and without lumps, this step can be omitted.

3. Quantitative composition process:
If you need to add many kinds of material in the recipe. In order to improve the processing efficiency and the accuracy of the proportion of the ingredients. You can use the automatic batching system. The system contains a number of quantitative belt scales. But if the production is pure organic fertilizer. This step can be omitted.

4. Pelleting process:
Disc pellet machine (rotary pellet mill) is widely used in fertilizer granulation. As the main step of the production line. Our equipment can automatically produce the shape of the pellets that suit for our customers. After the granulation of fertilizer. It can delay the release of fertility, greatly slowing the number of artificial fertilization.

5. Drying process:
In order to reshape the pellet shape and better storage. The humidity of the fertilizer should no more than 14%. Drum rotary dryer is widely used for drying fertilizer pellets.

6. Cooling process:
In order to increase the hardness of fertilizer pellets. Then we need cooling the fertilizer pellets after drying it. Roller cooling machine can meet this demand.

7. Screening process:
Through the trommel screen to select moderate size pellets. The small and large size of fertilizer pellets will be re crushed and re-grinder.

8. Coating process:
The roller coating machine to carry on the coating to the fertilizer granule. In order to prevent the particle adhesion.

9. Packing process:
Packing process as the final process of the whole plant, generally using the automatic packing machine, packing the fertilizer pellets into bags for sale.

10. Dust removal system:
The dust generated from all process will be collected.

11. Supporting facilities:
Supporting facilities is connecting to the belt conveyor, bucket elevator, etc.

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