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Rotary Joint Leakage Reason and Maintenance Steam Coal Slime Dryer

2021-04-07author:TAIDA GROUP

 Steam coal slime dryer refers to coal slime dryer which makes use of steam as heat source. Compared with common coal slime dryer, its capacity is lower. But, for customers who have enough steam source, steam coal slime dryer is a cost effective drying system.
For steam coal slime dryer, the unit where steam enters needs one set of rotary joint. But, leakage happens easily owing to in appropriate assembly and impurity entrance. This article will analyze common leakage reasons.
Once put into use, leakage often happens at steam inlet/outlet rotary joint. It is known that during daily working process, leaking of rotary joint is common. Sometimes, even newly installed rotary joints also leak. There are many reasons which may cause the leakage.

steam coal slime dryer

Leakage status of rotary joint should be eliminated according to actual situation. Common reasons which may cause leakage are shown as below:
1. Common assembly problems lead to leakage of the rotary joint, insufficient concentricity of the hollow shaft and the supporting rotating body, or low matching accuracy and high vibration after assembly. It is necessary to check the corresponding size and accuracy, adjust the fixed connection with the rotating body, repair and assemble the machine, or replace the corresponding mating joint.
2. The rotary joint leaks during use, mainly due to dust, dirt and other impurities entering the contact surface of the rotary joint friction pair, or the pressure, temperature and speed used exceed the rated range, and the condition of regular lubrication and rotary joint lubrication Leaks caused by defects. Therefore, filters or dust removal facilities should be installed. If the working environment or the temperature of the transmission medium is high, choose a high-temperature rotary joint; if the working environment pressure is high, choose a rotary joint, etc. Be sure to do a good job in the maintenance of the rotary joint, and regularly add lubricating oil or replace the bearings.
Besides above common reasons, there are also other elements which may cause the leakage.
1. The stress is not relieved during installation. Rotary joints have a certain weight. If they are not considered during installation, a period of operation will cause uneven wear and lead to leakage.
2. Abrasion or deformation of the rotary joint will cause leakage failure, deformation of the sealing friction surface of the joint, aging and deformation of the sealing ring, damage of the bellows, etc., will cause leakage of the rotary joint, so it is necessary to check the wearing parts regularly, and slight wear It should be repaired in time, serious wear and tear should be considered to replace new wearing parts.
3. The steam pressure is not uniform. Some units connect the steam supply pipelines for coal slime drying to other steam pipelines. Once other steam pipeline users start, stop or when the steam usage conditions change, this will cause the coal slurry drying supply. The steam pressure changes accordingly, and the rapid pressure changes will cause leakage of the dynamic and static parts of the rotary joint, the flange interface, and the metal hose.
Aimed at above reasons, customers can adopt following measures:
A. Eliminate stress. Adjust the fixed connection with the rotating body. Support or spring suspension can be adopted to eliminate the stress of metal hoses and joints.
B. Depending on the scale and accuracy, repair and match equipment. Research the operating conditions, or adapt the type of rotary joint. According to its use regulations, regularly add or change the lubricating grease, and replace the bearings.
C. Steam supply balance pressure. Install a pressure balance valve or change the steam supply pipeline to keep the pressure stable.
Based on above measures, customers can solve rotary joint leakage problem and make coal slime dryer run continuously. You get it!
If you have demands relevant to steam dryer and coal slime dryer, please feel free to contact us.

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