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Magnetic Separator
【Processing ability】:1-220t/h
【feeding size】:3-0mm
【Shell diamter】:600 to 1500 mm
【Applied materials】:magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore, ilmenite and etc. 

Product Description

  Magnetic separator is suitable for the wet magnetic separation of the materials whose granularity is below 3mm such as magnetite, pyrrhotite, calcined ore and ilmenite and can also be used for removing iron from the materials such as coal, non-metal ore and building material. 

Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Separator

  The magnetic system of magnetic separator is a compound of fine ferrite materials and rate earth magnets and the average magnetic induction intensity of the surface of the cylinder is 100 to 600mt. according to specific need, customers can choose from many kinds of magnetic separators with different surface magnetic intensity such as downstream type, semi-reflux and reflux-type. 

  1. Simple structure, big processing capacity, convenient operation and easy maintenance;

  2. Can be used in the coarse circuit firing work for restoring the hematite and it can separate the raw ore that are not fully restored and return it for firing again.

  3. In the ceramic industry, magnetic separator can remove the iron mixed in the petuntse and improve the quality of the ceramic products;

  4. Can be used in coal firing, sand making, refractory and other industries that need deironing;


Wide application range

Taida disc granulator can be used to granulate chicken manure, cow dung, sheep manure and other kinds of organic fertilizer materials.  

High working efficiency

Compared with other similar disc granulator, Taida disc granulator can produce more output products.  

Easy maintenance and simple operation

With reasonble structural design, Taida disc granulator holds lowwer malfunction rate and longer serivce life.

Better working performance and rational design

Taida disc granulator holds good working performance and rational design, which makes it achieve higher output capacity.  

Product Line Structure

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Product Feature and Application


Model Cylindrical 
of cylinder 
XCT465 400×650 500 Customized
<70 5
XCT565 500×650 500 <70 10
XCT665 600×650 500 <70 15
XCT68 600×800 650 <80 20
XCT758 750×800 650 <80 25
XCT7595 750×950 800 <80 30
XCT995 900×950 800 <80 150-210
XCT10115 1000×1150 1000 <80 350-430

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