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Trommel Screen
【Feeding size】: 50-150mm
【Capacity】: 20-380t/h
【Applicable material】: Suitable to separate granite, coal, solid waste, topsoil, stones, cobblestone, basalt, coal, white ash, municipal solid waste and aggregates. 

Overview Description

  Trommel screen, also called rotary screen, is a mechanical screening machine used to separate materials, mainly applied in mineral and solid-waste processing industries. It consists of a perforated cylindrical drum that is normally elevated at an angle at the feed end. Physical size separation is achieved as the feed material spirals down the rotating drum, where the undersized material smaller than the screen apertures passes through the screen, while the oversized material exits at the other end of the drum.

trommel screen

Working principle: 
  The drum, inclinedly installed on the frame, is connected with the motor through a coupling and rotates around its axis. When the materials are fed into the tilted and rotating drum, they turn and roll on the screen. Then the qualified materials (undersize product) are discharged through the outlet at the bottom of the rear end of the barrel, while unqualified materials (oversize product) are discharged through the discharging port at the end of the drum. The materials stuck in the sieve mesh can be ejected due to their turning and rolling to prevent the sieve mesh from being blocked.



Great Adapability and Wide Application Range

Taeda trommel screen can be used to screen and separate granite, cobblestone, basalt, coal, coke, white ash, compound fertilizer, topsoil, sand, municipal solid waste and aggregates. It is widely applied in fertilizer plant, agriculture, chemical industry, mining, power plant, building materials, metallurgy and other industries.


Flexible Feeding Modes and High Screening Efficiency

Feeding port of Taeda trommel screen can be designed according to the site like belt, hopper or other feeding methods. Internal breaking device in trommel drum can break up materials while screening and cleaning device installed on trommel screen can clean up the adhered material by itself to prevent the mesh plugging.


Large Screening Capacity and Good Working Environment

Contact area of Taeda trommen screen is larger than other screening machine, so its screen capacity per unit time is larger. With low power but large processing capacity motor, running time of materials is only one-half of other screen types, so its energy consumption is low. Entire screening cylinder can be sealed with an isolation cover, which completely avoids the dust, noise, etc. during the screening cycle.


Easy to Install and Less Maintenance Work

Because Taeda trommel screen is a box-shaped frame structure, only flat ground is required. The high integrity of the equipment is convenient for storage or transfer on the construction site. Whole body of Taeda trommel screen is made by superior texture so that Taeda trommel screen holds longer service life and consumes less maintenance work.

Further details

trommel screen
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Model Drum Rotation speed(rpm) Gradient(°) Power(kw) Production capacity(t/h) Overall dimension(L×W×H) Weight(t)
Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
GS1030 1000 3000 22 2-2.5 1.5 20-60 3500×1400×2200 1.5
GS1245 1200 4500 17 2-2.5 4 30-80 5700×1600×2400 2.5
GS1550 1500 5000 14 2-2.5 7.5 80-160 6860×1900×2810 3.8
GS1660 1600 6000 12 2-2.5 11 110-260 7300×2000×3000 4.7
GS1865 1800 6500 11.5 2-2.5 11 220-380 9000×2200×3200 6

What Makes Taeda Different

Strong Processing Ability

Various automatic processing devices makes Taeda has the ability to process 17.5-m length and 100-mm thickness equpment.

Strict Quality Inspection

Taeda carries out strict quality inspection regulations which makes Taeda equipment with high output capacity and high effciency.


Standard Production

Advanced and modern production center makes equipment production process more efficient and Taeda Manufacture reliable.

Superior Process Texture

Taeda adopts superior equipment production materials which guarantees long service life and stable working performance. 

Project & Case

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∮2.6*6M Trommel Screen Delivered From Taeda Workshop

∮2.6*6M Trommel Screen Delivered From Taeda Workshop...

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