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PLC Control System

Brand: Siemens, Delta, ABB, AB, 

Production cycle: 45 days

Customization: available

Overview Description

  PLC control system, Programmable Logic Controller, a digital computing operation of electronic systems, designed for use in industrial environments and design. It uses a programmable memory for its internal storage procedures, implementation of logical, sequential control, timing, user-oriented counting and arithmetic operations such instruction, and through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production processes. It is the core control system for industrial equipment application. 
  Taeda establishes cooperation with international first class PLC brand and China top PLC brand suppliers. It can provide most preferential price and considerate guarantee. Taeda holds one professional electrical automatic team devoted to industrial automation field. Taeda provides self-designed automation scheme for industrial production line. Meanwhile, it also undertake system integration system scheme, automatic energy saving development and modification and environment treatment engineering.
  We can provide customers with whole set PLC control cabinet, various brand PLC, PLC module, human-computer interface and programming service.

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Manufacturer Sale Guarantees Price&Quality

Taeda holds 20-year production history and 60-year skllled production team. 95& spare parts are Self-produced and external processing rate for core commponents lower than 3%.

Superior Technical Team Customize Solutions

Taeda holds a more than 100-people professional R&D team which can customize one-on-one technical support based on specific working condition and customer's actual demands. 

Large-scale Factory Makes Short Delivery Period

Various automatic processing devices equipped in production base makes Taeda manufacture more than 500-sets whole equipment and 10,000-ton spare parts annually and quick delivery. 

Service Accompany Purchasing to Commissioning

Taeda complete service system covers demand communication, contract signing, equipment delivery, on-site installation guidance and commissioning, which saves customers worries. 


Further details

PLC control system
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According to customer's needs, we can configure PLC control system to realize automatic control
PLC control system Brand Major components Support Power source
Simens,ABB, AB, Delta Touch screen, frequency inverter, temperature sensor… 220V/380V/440V/415V/460V
1/2/3 Phase
Please tell us your specific voltage, working condition and working temperature, we will customize you suitable PLC system. 

What Makes Taeda Different

Strong Processing Ability

Various automatic processing devices makes Taeda has the ability to process 17.5-m length and 100-mm thickness equpment.

Strict Quality Inspection

Taeda carries out strict quality inspection regulations which makes Taeda equipment with high output capacity and high effciency.


Standard Production

Advanced and modern production center makes equipment production process more efficient and Taeda Manufacture reliable.

Superior Process Texture

Taeda adopts superior equipment production materials which guarantees long service life and stable working performance. 

Project & Case

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