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Chang'e has Landed Successfully & TAIDA Sales Team 3 has Already Complete the Performance Task of 2020 with a Full Success!

2020-12-17author:TAIDA GROUP

  With the successful conclusion of the Chang 'e-5 mission of China, and TAEDA sales team of north China successfully completed the annual performance task today. 2020 is a year worthy to going down in history. Affected by The COVID-19, various industries in China were severely impacted at the beginning of 2020. However, under the correct leadership of the nation and the efforts of the people, the epidemic in China was quickly brought under control, and Taeda group officially began to resume production capacity in early April.
  Through the efforts of the sales department, after-sales department and installation department, Taeda group overcame the difficulties with adopted remote guidance or carried out self-isolation in advance, so that can quickly restored and guaranteed the procurement, processing, manufacturing, logistics, installation and debugging work.
  The editor interviewed Manager Mr.Zhang, head of TAEDA sales team of north China, he said: "In this year, we started from our business at TDOSA-Ⅰ dryer ( Okara drying line at Changsha Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD.), to today's quick delivery of TDOSA-Ⅲ dryer.
  In order to get the customer into production as soon as possible, we drove 2 days to Chongqing because there were no flights. Once We spend the night in a van of the purchasing department, because there were no hotel. We have faced unprecedented challenges, but we are not afraid of these difficulties.
  We never change our original mind, only for deliver good products and production lines to customers. God helps those who help themselves. We fulfilled the performance task ahead of schedule. Congratulations to Chang'e-5 successful landed to make history. Congratulations to all the colleagues in our team, you are the best."
  Exactly, you are the best, and customers are very recognized of your hard working. I remember that when I visited the customers of Changsha fish feed drying factory in June, they were very satisfied with our sales service. It is this group of willing to do, willing to break, willing to endure hardship Taeda people, we have received from the customer's sincere thanks.
I hope all Taeda colleagues, including the sales team of north China, continue to carry forward the spirit of 2020, make persistent efforts, and do our worthy cause better, at the same time, also do it more happily.

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