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Sand Stone Dryer

【Feeding moisture】: 5% to 35% 
【Production capacity】:  5-100t/h
【Application range】: Widely applied for mining, construction material, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement and mineral processing industry. 
【Applicable material】:  slag, sand, coal, limestone, coal ash, iron powder, minerals, silica sand;

Product Description

  Sand stone dryer is also called sand dryer. It is a kind of combined drying machine which always applied for construction material, metallurgy, beneficiation, chemical and cement industry. Taeda sand stone dryer is mainly suitable for drying ore slag, limestone, clay, river sand other other materials with high moisture and large bulk density. Taeda sand stone dryer mainly contains hot air furnace, rotary drum dryer, lifting plates, dispersing device, self cleaning device, transmission device, conveying equipment, support roller, seal device, cyclone collector, induced draft system and electrical control part. Taeda sand stone dryer is featured in rational design, perfect workmanship. 
bentonite rotary drum dryer

  Taeda sand stone dryer adopts new advanced technology. There is a self insulation structure formed for inner, middle and outer drum. Special thermal design helps saving energy consumption. Heat exchanging effect and unit evaporation ability of Taeda sand stone dryer is better than common drum dryer. As an environmental friendly and energy saving drying equipment, Taeda sand stone dryer is a good replacement for tradtional rotary drum dryer in regard for drying river sand, artificial sand, silica sand, ore powder, coal slag, dry mix, yellow sand, clay, coal gauge, mixed material, coal ash, fly ash, gypsum, iron powder and limestone in construction, chemical and casting industries. 


High Overload Resistance and Good Drying Effect

Taeda sand stone dryer holds strong overload resistance and large processing capacity. By adopting combined drying mode, Taeda sand stone dryer consumes less energy and cost less investment. High temperature exhaust gas can be recycled and thermal loss is less.

Flexible Running Parameter Adapt to Various Drying Demands

Running parameters of Taeda sand stone dryer can be adjusted based on different materials' property. Materials will form stable curtain, which guarantees efficient heat mass exchanging. Blocking phenomenon can be effectively avoided and load of dust collecting system is greatly reduced.

Convenient Maintenance and Easy Operation

Taeda sand stone dryer is featured in simple operation, stable running performance, good seal effect and convenient seal performance. It is a ideal drying equipment. Whole system contains rotary drum, lifting plates, support device, seal device, heat source, dust collecting and electrical control. Rational structure and perfect workmanship makes Taeda sand stone dryer durable.

More Flexible Configuration and Low Exhaust Emission

Whole drying system holds flexible configuration. We can configure feeder, heat source, conveying, dust collecting, product conveying and packing unit. Professional team provides one-step service amd customizes suitable equipment based on present condition.


Product Line Structure

sand stone dryer
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Product Feature and Application


Capacity (t/h)  Power (Kw)
Slag Fly Ash Clay Sand
TDLT320.1 5~10 4 4~6 10~15 11
TDLT320.2 10~15 6 6~8 15~20 11
TDLT325.1 20~25 8 8~12 20~25 15
TDLT325.2 25~30 10 12~15 25~30 15
TDLT328 30~35 15 15~20 35~40 22
TDLT330.1 35~40 20 20~25 40~45 30
TDLT330.2 40~45 25 25~30 45~50 30
TDLT332.1 45~50 30 30~35 50~60 44
TDLT332.2 50~60 35~40 35~40 60~70 44
TDLT336 60~70 40~45 40~45 70~80 60
TDLT338 70~80 45~50 45~50 80~90 60
TDLT340 80~90 50~60 50~60 90~100 74

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