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Continuous Carbonization Furnace
Raw materials】: wood shavings, peanut shell, straw, tree bark, coconut shell and palm shell and other various biomass wastes;
Delivery period】:15-30 days
Application range】:
it can be widely applied to medicine, environment protection and household fields.

Product Description

  TDICA continuous carbonization furnace is a kind of machine which integrates rotary drum carbonization furnace nad dryer into a whole. With special design, TDICA carbonization furnace needs no seperate dryer. Drying and carbonization process can be finished in one furnace. Drying is finished inside and carbonization is finished outside, which greatly improve carbonization efficiency. No matter considering from product quality or working efficiency, TDICA can meet different customers' demands and have enjoyed wide recognition among customers. 

biomass carbonization furnace


Simple operation and less labor force

With common control cabinet or PLC control system, Taida furnace holds high automation level. Whole system can be easily operated by one person. 

Less energy consumption and less emission

Compared with similar equipment, Zhengzhou Taida  furnace adopts new design and structure. It can reach to very high output capacity while consuming less energy and causing less emission. 

Constant production process and better final quality

Taida furnace can work constantly to reach to high yeild. Meanwhile,quality of final products can be guaranteed. 

Reasonable design and longer service life

Scientific structural design makes Taida furnace longer service life. Exhaust heat can be recycled and reutlized as heat source for whole system. 

Product Line Structure

biomass carbonization furnace
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Product Feature and Application


   Model Output Capacity 
Power Driving motor  Overal Dimensions (L×W×H)
TDICA0.6 300-500 5.5 Frequency control 10*1.1*1.2
TDICA0.8 400-600 7.5 12*1.3*1.5
TDICA1.0 500-800 11 12*1.5*1.7
TDICA1.2 700-1200 15 14*1.7*1.8
TDICA1.5 1000-1500 18.5 14*2*2.2
TDICA1.6 1500-1800 22 17*2.1*2.2
TDICA1.8 1800-2500 30 20*2.3*2.5
TDICA2.0 2700-3200 37 20*2.5*2.7
TDICA2.2 3200-4000 45 20*2.7*2.8
TDICA2.5 4000-5000 55 20*3*3.1
TDICA3.0 5000-6000 75 20*3.5*3.8

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