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What Points should be Paid Attention to While Choosing Biomass Dryer?

2021-01-15author:TAIDA GROUP

With the development of economy, competition among drying industry keeps severe and severe. There are more and more drying manufacturer arising. Aimed at so many manufacturers, how to choose reliable supplier and good dryer? Based on years’ research experience, Taeda summarizes major points which should be paid attention to while purchasing high moisture biomass dryer. 

1. Customers shall provide detailed information of raw material, like initial moisture, stickiness and capacity demands to supplier. 
2. Based on information provided by customers, supplier will choose suitable equipment for customers. Accordingly, customers will check whether the proposed equipment can meet their demands. 
3. Capacity, quality and final moisture are key elements which decide the model selection of dryer. 
4. Customers should check what kind of fuel is available at working site. Then, supplier choose proper heat source system accordingly. 5. Texture and internal structure of dryer should be paid attention to. Only good quality texture and reasonable design can make sure safe and efficient running. 

Taeda, as professional high moisture biomass material drying machine manufacturer, hold complete drying technology. We can customize suitable drying system according to customer’s demands. Meanwhile, we can also provide equipment installation and technical guidance so that help customers establish efficient and green sticky biomass drying production line. 
E-style dryer is a kind of special drying equipment designed based on features of high moisture biomass materials, like high moisture, sticky and easily caking. It adopts advanced drying concept. It combines advantages of rotary drum dryer, hot air stirring dryer and air flow dryer. E-style dryer guarantees high capacity while keeping small dimension. E-style dryer guarantees good drying effect while saving energy consumption. E-style dryer guarantees low cost while adopting innovative structure. 
This kind of E-style dryer has been widely applied at home and abroad for drying various high moisture and sticky materials, like bean pulp, spent grain, pomace and etc. If you are interested in our E-style dryer, please contact us and we are willing to provide assistance. 


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