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E-style Biomass Dryer Leads New Direction of Biomass Materials

2021-01-15author:TAIDA GROUP

 With the development of society and awareness arising of environmental protection, drying equipment manufacture and drying technology in China have improved greatly. But, it still need more research for the drying machine to reduce dust and emission leak.
  In order to guarantee that efficient drying and green drying develops simultaneously, drying system is supposed to develop forward to energy saving direction. It is a new trend that transfer single rough drying to combined intelligent drying mode. Not only the dryer itself shall be amended, other aspects like renewable energy and exhaust heat utilization also need be paid much attention to.
  E-style dryer is real energy saving and environment friendly equipment developed by Taeda. E-style dryer can be used to dry materials which cannot be dried by common drum dryer. Meanwhile, quality of final products can be guaranteed. Small occupation area and high capacity are also special features of Taeda E-style dryer. Its body size is only one third of common rotary drum dryer. In addition, heat radiating area is also much lower than other dryer which makes E-style dryer low energy loss. Materials present floating state inside dryer and drying effect is uniform. Heat exchange between material and hot air is sufficient. After passing by E-style dryer, semi-dry product will enter pulse drying unit. Under the function of exhaust heat, drying effect is achieved under low temperature. Also, whole set equipment is equipped with complete environmental protection equipment, which guarantees disposal of waste gas, waste material and waste flue.
Special drying mode of Taeda E-style dryer guarantees environment friendly, energy saving, efficient and superior drying effect.
  Taeda always put customer’s requirement at first place and aims at solve trouble of customers. If you are interested in our E-style dryer, please feel free to contact us.

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