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What is the Specialty of Taeda E-style Biomass Dryer

2021-01-13author:TAIDA GROUP

  Taeda E-style dryer is especially designed for biomass fermented materials. It integrates advantages of rotary drum dryer, hot air stirring dryer and air flow dryer into a whole. During drying process, materials fully contact with hot air. Heat exchanging procedure will be carried out based on moisture difference so that to increase raw material’s heating area and improve drying efficiency. Instead of flowing out naturally, materials are driven out of dryer relying on air flow principle. E-style biomass dryer guarantees less nutrition loss for drying fermented materials, extend storage time and save storage area. Therefore, OSA dryer is very necessary drying equipment for biomass fermented material drying.
  Advantages of E-style biomass dryer.
1. E-style dryer adopts advanced design concept for drying equipment. It contains advantages of rotary dryer, airflow dryer and hot air dryer;
2. E-style biomass dryer is characterized by less area, large capacity, less labor force and simple operation.
3. E-style biomass dryer is designed with reasonable structure and less quick wear parts. It can solve customer’s concern for spare parts.
4. E-style biomass dryer adopts new patent technology and innovated internal structure, which guarantees good quality of final products.
5. Compared with airflow dryer and rotary drum dryer, capacity of E-style dryer increase by 50% to 70%.
6. E-style dryer is a kind of energy-saving equipment. For drying same kind of materials, electricity consumption and fuel consumption of E-style biomass dryer are decreased by 50% and 60% respectively.
7. E-style biomass dryer is configured with complete environmental equipment which guarantees no smoke, no dust and standard emission.
8. Compared with traditional drying equipment, equipment running cost of E-style biomass dryer decreases by 30%.
9. Flexible configuration of E-style biomass dryer is flexible. Aimed at features of different material, there are multiple combination configurations for the E-style biomass dryer so that to reach perfect drying quality.

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