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E-style Biomass Dryer Guarantees Less Nutrition Loss for Drying Fermented Materials

2020-12-14author:TAIDA GROUP

  E-style dryer is a kind of special drying system developed by Taeda for fermented materials. Today, we will clarify features and advantages of Taeda E-style dryer. I believe that you will get a thorough understanding for our E-style dryer after reading this article.
  Now, let’s get to know E-style dryer step by step.

In terms of thermal utilization, E-style dryer holds following three advantages: ↓↓↓

1.1 E-style dryer with large capacity, small occupation area. Body size of E-style dryer is only one third of common dryer with same capacity. Heat radiation area is much smaller than other drying machines. Therefore, E-style dryer with less thermal loss.
1.2 High thermal utilization efficiency. Materials are presenting boiling sate. Drying effect is uniform and heat exchange between material and hot air is sufficient.
1.3 E-style dryer makes use of exhaust heat. Semi-dried products after E-style dryer will enter pulse drying unit. Under the function of exhaust heat of flue gas, semi-dried materials will be dried under low temperature.
Above three features makes E-style dryer efficient and energy-saving.

In terms of nutrition maintenance, E-style dryer holds three major advantages. ↓↓↓
2.1 No over drying. Temperature increase of materials during drying process will not exceed 30 degrees, which can maintain the activity of beneficial bacterium and nutrition.
2.2 Under the function of rotary wing shaft, materials are scattered and distributed evenly and present boiling status. The contact surface with hot air is updated continuously. Whole drying effect is very uniform and drying efficiency is high.
2.3 Actual products and test results for lots of customers prove that compared with other drying equipment, E-style dryer can guarantee nutrition maintenance and good product flavor during drying biomass fermented materials.
Above three features are secrecy for our E-style dryer to guarantee high quality of final dried products.

In terms of use and maintenance, E-style dryer holds three advantages. ↓↓↓.
3.1 E-style dryer is placed horizontally and there is no angle. There is no horizontal thrust for driving device. Therefore, abrasion of quick-wear parts is less. Service life and maintenance cost of E-style dryer is low.
3.2 Whole machine adopt integrated frame. Once arriving at working site, E-style dryer can be put into use directly after putting on ground. No need for extra foundation. Thus, cost for civil work and construction can be saved.
3.3 Movement of raw materials is driven by rotary wing shaft, lifting plate and wind force. In terms of working principle, E-style dryer is a kind of airflow fluid bed. There will no wall-sticking and over burning phenomenon. No need chain or heavy hammer cleaning device. Running noise is low small and almost cause no affect to neighborhood.
  Above three features makes construction period short and construction task easy. Running cost is saved.
  After reading above summary, have you got special features of E-style dryer? If you have any other confusion, please feel free to contact with us. We can share you customer references or arrange pilot run for you.
  Copyright belongs to Taeda Company. Reprint is prohibited, infringement shall be investigated!

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