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Working Principle of E-style Biomass Dryer and Parameters

2021-01-14author:TAIDA GROUP

    Taeda E-style biomass dryer is specially designed for high moisture and sticky biomass materials. E-style biomass drying line is characterized by stable running, small occupation area, large capacity and low energy consumption. E-style dryer has been widely applied for drying medicine dreg, fermented feed, fruit pomace, bean residue and bean pulp. In terms of capacity, E-style dryer is superior to single drum dryer. In terms of occupation area, it is better than triple-pass dryer. Meanwhile, E-style dryer is also a kind of drying system with high heat efficiency.
   At present, there are multiple E-style dryer production line working at home and abroad. Whole system consists of hot air furnace, biomass arch-breaking silo, feeding conveyor, discharging conveyor, E-style dryer, dust collecting unit, cooling unit, finished product silo and electrical control system.
   After being broken by biomass arch breaking silo, biomass materials will be conveyed to E-style dryer through forced feeding unit. In the E-style dryer, materials will be first driven forward by screw and arrives at the front part of dryer. There is lifting device, dispersing device, material returning system and damping system set in dryer, with the function of hot air in dryer, materials will always present floating state and material curtain form so that to reach maximum heat exchanging rate between hot air and materials.  With the rotation of dryer, moisture will drop sharply. When moisture reaches to a certain rate, materials will be driven to pulse drying unit where materials will be further dried by exhaust heat. In the pulse drying unit, materials still present in floating state. When final moisture is qualified, dried materials will be collected in cyclone collector. If final moisture is not qualified, wet materials will stay in pulse drying pipe for further drying until final moisture reach to required level.
   What worth mentioning is special internal design of E-style dryer guarantees that nutrition in materials will be well kept during effective drying process.

E-style biomass dryer

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