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Drug Residue dryer

【Weight】: 5.5-23.5t
【Power】: 300Kw
【Final moisture】:  10-15%
【Applicable material】:   spent grain, vinasse, distiller, bean pulp, bean residues, paper pu.pulps and other high-moisture sticky materials; cassva residues, cassva dregs, bean pulp, bean residues, drug residues; 

Product Description

  Taida TDOSA Series Drug Residue dryer used for residue (penicillin mycelium, antibiotic residues, oxytetracycline residue), marc (apple pomace, tomato slag, pear, and more. Monosodium glutamate bacterial protein, sugar beet residue, starch residue, corn residue, lemon acid tail liquid, feed, protein powder, and sludge drying.

drug residue dryer

  Materials in high-speed rotating blade under toss, crushed, and dispersed in the body at the same time with the full and effective access to high-temperature hot air, strong for the convective heat, thus achieving the quality, thermal transfer process, realized the material for two consecutive high-level drying. 

Working principle

Biomass with about 40% moisture content will pass through screw feeder and feed hopper. Then, materials will be sent to dryer by belt conveyor. Then, materials will be driven to dryer’s cylinder by propulsion device. With the function of lifting plates evenly distributed in rotary drum, material will contact fully with hot air. Special can be dispersed further in order to realize ideal drying aim. Pre-dried materials will enter pulse air flow drying tube for secondary drying process. After separation, raw materials will enter material collector. Then, final products will be discharged out. Here, drying process is finished. Exhaust gas will be discharged after passing by pipeline, fan and dust collector. After being dried, nutrition elements, such as protein, starch and beneficial bacteria will not be damaged. The final products hold uniform color and good quality. 


Simple operation and easy maintenance

Taida drying machine adheres to simple and easy operation design idea. European style dryer holds more reasonable outer structure. With less spare parts, it can save much worries for customer.

Patent drying technology

TDOSA merges Taida new patent technology. With innovative structure, it can be used to dry materials which cannot be dried by common dryers.

Brand new design and low energy consumption 

Energy-saving European style dryer adopts brand European design concepts. It is featured in energy-saving, environment-friendly and less area occupation.

Wide application range and customized design

Focusing on various materials, we can provide multiple solutions and equipment configurations in order to guarantee perfect drying effect.

Product Line Structure

drug residues dryer
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Product Feature and Application



Dryer Body 

Power of ID Fan
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)
Mixing & Dispersing Device

Pulse Drying Device
Power  Size 
TDOSA-Ⅰ  4-4.5 KW 1.0×3.8m 5.5 KW 1.5*5.5*2 We can match optional
TDOSA-Ⅱ 5.5 KW 1.2×4.5m 5.5 KW 1.8*5.5*2
TDOSA-Ⅲ 7.5 KW 1.5×4.5m 11 KW 2.5*9.5*2.2 Fixed Z-shaft lifting system optional
TDOSA-Ⅳ 11 KW 1.8×4.5m 15 KW 2.8*9.5*2.5
TDOSA-Ⅴ 15 KW 2.0×5.0m 18.5 KW 3.0*10*2.8 or mixing or dispersing device optional
TDOSA-Ⅵ 18.5 KW 2.2×5.5m 22 KW 3.0*11*3.0

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