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Fermented Feedstuff Drying Production Line

Capacity: 1-6t/h

Working mode: 24h/day

Application range: Suitable for drying various fermented materials, like bean pulp, bean dreg, brewery grain, spent grain, malt slag, DDGS, BGS, spray corn husk, cocopeat, furfural residue, sugar residue, soybean sauce residue, cassava residue, medicine residue, pomace and etc.  

Overview Description

    Fermented feed is a kind of feed which uses microorganisms and compound enzymes as biological feed starter strains to convert feed materials into fermented feed that integrates microbial cell proteins, biologically active small peptide amino acids, microbial active probiotics, and compound enzyme reparations into a whole. Fermented feed can not only make up for the amino acids that are easily lacking in conventional feed, but also can quickly transform the nutrient components of other rough feed ingredients so that to enhance digestion, absorption and utilization effect. Compared with other feeds, fermented feeds with 40% moisture content have significant advantages. It can increase height of small intestinal villi of weaned piglets, lower pH value in stomach and protect intestinal mucosa.

e-style biomass dryer

    But fermented feed holds high moisture content. Once opened,  it must be immediately used up or sealed. Otherwise, if there is no strict seal measurement and miscellaneous bacteria enters into feed , remaining feed will easily go bad. Spoiled feed is prone to cause diarrhea and low immunity problem for animals. Direct throw away or compositing will increase the cost of farming. At this moment, importance of drying process is obvious. But how to ensure quality of dry products has become a big problem for fermented feed processing. In order to solve this problem, Taeda® specially developed a new type of special E-style biomass dryer. Temperature rise of material during whole drying process will not exceed 30℃. No wall sticking no over burning. Final discharged dry products holds superior quality and nutrition loss is less. Dried fermented feed is lighter and easier to store.
    Taeda E-style fermented feedstuff drying production line is especially suitable for drying, grinding and packing for fermented materials (like fermented spent grain, fermented bean pulp, fermented medicine dreg, solid fermented materials and mixed fermented materials) and high moisture feed materials (moisture ranges from 30% to 80%, like corn fiber, brewery grain, spent grain, furfural residue, soybean cake, peanut cake, soysauce residue, wheat bran, forage, insect shell and shrimp). Final product holds high nutrition content and good activity. On one hand, it can dry high moisture raw material into standard final product one step. On the other hand, materials can be dewatered first before entering dryer. We can also design multi level drying process for high end demands. 


Suitable For Drying Various Biomass Fermented Materials

OSA fermented feedstuff drying line is suitable for drying various biomass fermented materials like brewery grain, spent grain, fermented bean pulp, spray corn husk, furfural residue, soybean sauce residue, pomace, cotton seed meal, soybean meal, cassava dregs and etc.  

Final Product With Superior Quality

During whole drying process, temperature increase of raw material doesn't exceed 40℃. Both nutrition and beneficial bacterium in final products are kept well.  

Simple Maintenance and Easy Operation

Bullet shape dryer body is set with three drying chambers, two groups of quick-open doors and one observation window. Whole dryer is featured in reasonable design, low malfunction rate, simple maintenance and easy operation. Professional steam can provide one step service including installation, guidance, running and trusteeship.  

Good Quality Final Product Enjoys Popularity in Market

based on moisture and capacity requirements, we can configure multiple drying systems. At present, we have established friendly cooperation relationship with many feedstuff production bases.  

E-style OSA Fermented Material Drying Production Line

Taeda E-style OSA dryer is mainly designed for high moisture biomass material drying. It is suitable for drying various fermented materials like spent grain, bean pulp, malt slag, furfural residue, soysauce residue, solid fermented material and spray corn husk. Whole drying process is characterized by low temperature increase, no nutrition loss and good final product quality.


  • Standard Configuration For E-style OSA Fermented Material Dryer

  • Taeda OSA fermented materials dryer mainly contains 6 units, heat source unit, feeding unit, drying unit, pulse drying unit, material collecting unit and exhaust gas purification unit. We can also configure crushing and packing unit based on customers' specific requirements.


  • Drying Performance Display For OSA Fermented Material Dryer

  • Taeda OSA fermented materials dryer holds superior drying effect and moisture can be effectively evaporated while well maintaining nutrition. Final product quality can be guranteed. Please refer to below pictures for material comparison before and after drying.  


  • Multiple Patent Technology Supports E-style OSA Biomass Dryer

  • Taeda OSA dryer is a fruit of Taeda generation's R&D and it has been widely applied at different regions at home and abroad for drying various fermented feedstuff materials. Relying on patent technologies, OSA dryer is featured in smooth running and good drying quality.  

Standard Configuration of E-style OSA Dryer

Introduction to Standard Configuration Of Taeda OSA Dryer

  • Heat Source

    Fire-proof tempering room

  • OSA dryer heat source
  • Can match with biomass pellet/oil/gas burner
  • Feeding Part

    Biomass Feeding Silo

  • OSA dryer feeding silo
  • Arch-breaking and anti-blocking feeding silo
  • OSA Dryer

    Energy Saving Dryer

  • E-style biomass dryer
  • Suitable for various fermented materials
  • Pulse Drying Cooling Unit

    Pulse drying part

  • E-style biomass dryer
  • secondary drying and cooling
  • Crusher

    Product crushing grinding unit

  • E-style biomass dryer
  • Grind products into fine powder
  • Product Packing

    Packing baling system

  • E-style biomass dryer
  • Pack powder product into required specifciation

Drying Performance Display For OSA Fermented Material Dryer

For drying various biomass dreg residues materials, OSA dryer holds great drying effect. Pictures below are for material status comparison before and after drying.  

  • Spray Corn Husk

  • E-Style Fermented Material Dryer
  • Fungus Dreg

    E-style biomass dryer

  • Spent Grain

    E-style biomass dryer

  • Soybean Meal

    E-style biomass dryer

  • Ginger Residue

    E-style biomass dryer

  • Coco Peat

    E-style biomass dryer

Patent Technology Provides Strong Support for E-style Biomass Dryer

E-style OSA fermented material dryer is a fruit of Taeda many generations' R&D and has won patents in different fields. Relying on strong technical support, Taeda OSA dryer is characterized by stable running performance, superior drying effect and less energy consumption.  

  • ZL 2019 2 01779872.7

    E-style biomass dryer

  • ZL 2019 2 0179562.5

    e-style biomass dryer

  • ZL 2019 2 0174145.1

    e-style biomass dryer

  • ZL 2012 2 0556021.8

    e-style biomass dryer

  • ZL 2012 2  655924.4 

    e-style biomass dryer

  • ZL 2012 2 0560437.7

    e-style biomass dryer

Further details

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Model Capacity(t/h) Heat source
OSA-I 0.8 Biomass pellet, coal, coal gas, natural gas, diesel, wood and etc. 
OSA-II 1.2
OSA-IV 2.5
OSA-V 3.5
Applicable materials
Bran Barley sugar residue Barley fiber residue Barley malt Spray barley husk
Rice bran meal Sorghum bran Black wheat bran Sorghum starch Rice protein powder
Yellow vinasse Spent grain Brewery grain DDS DDGS 
DWS Buckwheat bran Rice husk BSG Spray wheat bran
Wheat germ meal Wheat sugar residue
Wheat protein hydrolysate
Wheat fiber residue Oat bran
Corn gluten meal Corn germ Corn sugar residue Rapeseed dregs Bean pulp
Bean curd Tomato seed meal Olive pulp Olive pomace Peanut pulp
Coconut dreg Cassava dregs Carrot residue Potato dreg Sucrose
Pomace Straw Forage grass Herb residue Ginger dregs
Meat meal Bone meal Protein meal Blood meal Fish meal

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General heat source

suitable for a variety of heat sources, not restricted by heat source

Low operating costs

Low energy consumption and low operating costs


Environmental protection

use various of dust collectors to meet local environmental standards

Quality control

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