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Coconut Waste Rotary Dryer

【Capacity】:  2.6-36tph
【Power】:   4-75Kw 
【Delivery period】:  15-30 days1

【Applicable material】: Coconut waste,Cassava Chips,Cassava Dreg,Wood chip,Biomass Material, sawdust, coconut silk

Product Description

coconut coir dryer

  Coconut wastes rotary dryer is mainly to dry biomass or Fertilizer powder materials ,at max feed 15mm dimension materials,  it has changeable speed rotary drum , which can dry high humidity materials, such as to dry biomass from sawdust, straw, stalk,e.c.t and fertilizer materials from poultry manure , home or factory waste Coconut waste dryer can be controlled according to raw materials humidity. If humidity is large, then can control feeding speed and drum RPM lower to make longer drying time. The longer drum ensure high heat use efficiency.The temperature adjusting equipment between stove and dryer, which can adjust the hot air temperature before feeding to drum according to raw materials humidity ,after adjusting, then feed to dryer drum. Rotary drying machine  has two ways to discharge materials, one is to outlet from rotary drum bottom, it is mainly fit for large weight ratio materials , the other is to outlet materials from cyclone bottom , which mainly fits for light ratio materials .  On one hand with high drying efficiency , on the other hand clean dust. 



Environmental friendly and less emission

Modular dust collecting and purifying heat recycling configuration, safe and protect environmental.

Flexible temperature and discharged particle size

There are various inlet temperatures. This machine can make the materials at outlet presented as small particles or powder which provides convenience for next process.

Great handling capacity and occupy less area

There is a whole set of equipment which holds 10 to 200t/h output capacity. We can also customize drying machine according to customer’s demands.

Reasonble design and good drying effect

Reasonable design can avoid the leakage of materials.It adopts special seal structure made from tin steel piece between cover body and machine, which prevents leakage under micro negative pressure.

Product Line Structure

wood biomass rotary dryer

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Product Feature and Application


Diameter (mm) 3500 3500 4000 4000 4500 4500 5000 5000 5600 5600
Length (mm) 22000 24000 24000 26000 24000 26000 26000 30000 28000 30000
Capacity (t/h) 13.5 15.8 19 22.5 25.8 28.125 34 39 45 50.6
Drying Type
Single drum dryer
Note Proper models can be customized according to your demands. Please feel free to contact with us any time!  

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