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Coal Powder Burner
Feed graularity:≤50mm
【Applications】:it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.
【Materials】: non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite;
【Product Introduction】: injection type coal powder burner is a kind of extension device of coal grinding powder spraying machine. At present, it is a kind of most special heating equipment. It adopts special air supply guiding structure with multinozzles which can effectively form trap heat of high temperature. 

Product Description

It is mainly applied to sludge, coal slime and slush; dry viscous materials such as FGD gypsum and animal manure; also can be used to drying industrial materials (mineral slags and silica); can be applied to drying organic lees, medicine residues, pomace, straw feed, sawdust and biological peat. 
RS series coal powder burner developed by our company learns from foreign advanced technologies and design concept. With guidance of relevant experts in national academy of sciences, we develop a new generation of burner according to the quality of coal. This product takes advantage of large of velocity difference principle of the same direction. It makes full use of secondary air, which makes the temperature of coal powder to ignition point. When the coal powder leaves the nozzle, coarse conical flame will be formed. Stable plate technology is adopted in the inner wind which makes the flame reach to best effect. At the same time, the service span of nozzle can be increased. Kiln skin can be protected and the service span of kiln liner can be expanded. The amount of primary air only takes up 5 to 7% of total. It is characterized by energy-saving. For 30% to 35% lignite, about 10% anthracite is volatilized. The emission of exhaust air can be reduced by over 30%.
RS series four-channel coal powder burner is a kind of equipment which is developed and designed by our company based on advanced technology, various rotary types, various qualities of coal powder and different process conditions. The special structure and reasonable technical parameters of this burner guarantee full mixture of primary air and secondary air. With high burning efficiency, powerful heat, good shape of flame and simple adjustment, it has been tested and used repeatedly.
   This series of coal powder burner has been widely applied to cement kiln, pellet kiln, cement kiln, lithium kiln, magnesium oxide kiln, alumina kiln and ore dressing kiln in building materials, metallurgy, chemistry and other industries. With advanced technology, precise processing, special materials, long service span and high-temperature resistance, it enjoys good reputation among various industries.
Diagram of various air flows and coal powder in four-channel coal powder burner 
The structure of four-channel coal powder burner adopts technology of foreign advanced burner. By analyzing problems of three-channel burner faced by many factories at home, we decide the structure of four-channel burner nozzle. The four channels are center wind, swirling wind, coal wind and DC wind channels from inside to outside. An ignition oil gun can be set in center wind channel according to customer’s request. Center wind flows out through small holes distributed on flame stabilizing plate. Flow amount of wind accounts for 0.03% to 0.05% of primary wind. Center wind plays an important role for adjusting negative pressure of jet center re-circulation zone and changing position and size of high temperature zone. Swirling wind channel adopts long helical vane shaft type cyclone. Its special structure can not only reduce aerodynamic resistance, but also can produce enough swirling intensity. With scientific design, it is not easy for these channels to be blocked. For wear parts, ceramics are pasted in order to guarantee the service span. 12 to 16 circumferentially distributed nozzles are installed at DC wind tunnel. With its special cavity design and precise working, these nozzles can produce strong air flow. With less energy loss, these nozzles can improve exit momentum of DC wind and jet flow pattern. In addition, there is a steady flame hood set at external part of DC wind channel in order to avoid early distribution of flame. Meanwhile, it can protect nozzle head. 


Product Line Structure

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Product Feature and Application


Model Normal coal consumption(t/h) Maximum coal consumption(t/h) Weight Coal air blower Static wind fan  
Air quantity(m³/min) Air pressure(kpa) Air quantity(m³/min) Air pressure(kpa)  
   0.5~1.5  2.5  1200  
   1.5~2.5  3.0  1500  
   2.5~3.5  4.0  1950  
 25.6  19.6  
 24.6  29.4  
   3.5~4.5  6.0  2100  
 32.3  19.6  
   3.5~5.0  7.0  2300  
 41.6  29.4  
 40.1  19.6  
   4.0~6.0  8.0  2500  
 53.1  29.4  
 51.6  19.6  
   4.5~7.0  9.0  2800  
 63.2  29.4  
 60.9  19.6  
   5.0~8.0  10.0  3000  
 75.4  29.4  
 73.3  19.6  
   6.0~9.0  11.0  3200  
 77.3  29.4  
 76.0  19.6  
   6.5~10.0  12.0  3600  
 89.2  29.4  
 86.7  19.6  
   7.0~11.0  13.0  3900  
 89.2  29.4  
 86.7  19.6  
 118  29.4  
 114  19.6  
 129  29.4  
 125  19.6  
 155  29.4  
 148  19.6  
 168  29.4  
 161  19.6  
1. These technical parameters are for RSQ Series four-channel coal powder burner. Special parameters are decided by different processes and burner’s model.
2. Roots blower used in this chart is applied for area whose altitude is not over 1000 meters. If the altitude is higher than 1000 meters, air quantity and air pressure need to be adjusted.

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