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Cyclone Dust Collector
【Density of Inlet】: ≤200g/Nm3
【Density of Outlet】:≤50mg/Nm3
【Application】:Building material, metallurgy, mining, coal, nonmetal ore superfine powder processing industries.

Product Description

Taida Series cyclone Dust Collector can collect and separate the air dust and particles.  It can not only coordinate with crusher and vibrating screen to purify general dust gas, but also deal with high concentration dust gas.  It is applied to recover the final products getting from the ball mill, dryer, classifier.  It is widely used for dust gas purification processing system in building material, metallurgy, mining, coal, nonmetal ore superfine powder processing industries.  DMC Series Dust Collector is the ideal equipment for environmental protection.

cyclone dust collector


Wide application range

Taida dust collector can be used to collect dust and particles in various production lines, like dryingl lines, calcining lines and briquetting lines. 

High working efficiency

Compared with other similar machine, Taida equipment is more efficient in collecting dust. 

Easy maintenance and simple operation

With reasonble structural design, Taida system holds lowwer malfunction rate and longer serivce life.

Better working performance and rational design

Taida equipment holds good working performance and rational design, which makes it achieve higher output capacity.  

Product Line Structure

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Product Feature and Application


Model Filtering wind 
Input air (m3/h) Qty of filter
Air consum-ption
Density of 
Density of 
TD32 1.04-1.67 1500-2400 32 0.032 ≤200 ≤50 1.5
TD48 1.15-1.62 2500-3500 48 0.048 ≤200 ≤50 2.2
TD64 1.21-1.74 3500-5000 64 0.064 ≤200 ≤50 3
TD80 1.25-1.67 4500-6000 80 0.08 ≤200 ≤50 5.5
TD96 1.27-1.62 5500-7000 96 0.096 ≤200 ≤50 5.5
TD112 1.28-1.68 6500-8500 112 0.11 ≤200 ≤50 7.5

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