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Detailed Introduction to a Combination Dryer-Taeda E-style Biomass Dryer

2021-01-15author:TAIDA GROUP

  In recent years, with the development of science and technology, customer's requirements for dryer are increasingly stringent. Manufacturers have to change their thinking in order to survive in the competitive environment, and thinking about the new directions of the development of drying equipment. The combination of drying is one of the directions, the combination of drying is to gain the advantages of these drying equipment by combination and optimize two or more than two kinds of drying equipment. Compared with the traditional single stage drying machine, the combination of drying equipment has strength with energy saving, better product quality, lower operating costs.
  The E-style dryer is using the way of combination drying, it combines the strength of drum dryer, hot air dryer, airflow dryer. In the drying process, there is full contact with the material and hot air. Heat exchange was carried out according to different water content. The full contact increased the material’s heating area, improved the efficiency of drying. The product isn’t outflow with natural, but forced by the air flow out of the drying equipment.
  Compared with the traditional drying equipment, E-style dryer has the strength of smaller occupation area, large output, less labor, high degree of automation, convenient operation, advanced technology. At the same time, compared with the airflow dryer, drum dryer, E-style dryer make output increase by 50%-70%  through innovative equipment structure with new patented technology; Drying the material with same weight can save 50% electricity and 60% heat source; Costs of use decrease by 30%.

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