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Price of Energy-saving Sludge Dryer and Introduction to Manufacturer

2016-10-07author:TAIDA GROUP

Price of sludge dryer
  Sludge is a kind of materials which holds pretty higher moisture content. Therefore, more energy is needed to dry sludge. Fuels contain coal, electricity and gas. Fuels will be decided according to the type of materials and moisture content.
Energy-saving sludge dryer has been serialized. Daily handling capacity can be classified into 10t, 15t, 20t, 25t, 30t, and 40t. We can also formulate a complete sludge drying production line according to the output you need. Sludge dryer contains hollow paddle dryer, belt dryer, disk dryer, fluid bed dryer, thin-layer dryer and rotary drum dryer. Customers can choose proper equipment according to maturity, energy consumption, maintenance work and investment.
Drying process of sludge dryer
  Energy-saving sludge dryer is designed to dispose materials with high viscosity and moisture content. It adopts special feeder, strong break-up device, high intensity radiation heat transfer and etc. this dryer can dry the moisture content of sludge to below 12% from 85%. The drying time is very short. Generally, it took about 8 to 12 minutes to finish the whole drying process. Sludge is sent to dryer by special feeder. Then, sludge will be lifted by grid plate and shoveling plate which are designed specially to the top and scattered. During the falling process, sludge will be broken by strong break-up device. Bulk materials will be crushed into small particles by repeated shoveling and lifting. At the one third part, materials will be dried by high intensity radiation heat transferring technology. Materials will be dried into small particles with no viscidity. After that, materials will enter falling-rate period. Heat and mass transfer will be carried out between hot air and materials. After finishing drying process, materials will be discharged out. Fine powder will be collected by dust collecting device. Tail gas can totally meet environmental protection emission standard after disposal.
Sludge dryer manufacturer,NOT ONLY Rotary Dryer Manufacturer
  Taida group is a high-tech new professional enterprise which merges sludge drying project, coal slime drying project, mechanical technology with production. It integrates design, production and manufacture into a whole. Taida continuously adopts new materials, new process and new technology in order to provide various dryers. Sludge dryer produced by Taida are characterized by good quality and reasonable price. After 30-year development, it has become one of the main production enterprise for drying equipment. Small sludge dryer, special sludge dryer, and highly viscous sludge dryer and other types have been widely applied to municipal sludge, leather sludge, electrostatic sludge, oil field sludge and chemical sludge. These equipment also has been sold to south Asia, Africa, Latin America and etc. 

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