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OSA Corn Husk Drying Machine Loaded to Liaoning

2020-09-09author:TAIDA GROUP

OSA Corn Husk Drying Machine Loaded to Liaoning 

Raw material: corn husk and other biomass mixture
Capacity: 5-8t/h
Major equipment: OSA-Ⅲ dryer

   Our European style dryer is specially designed for high moisture biomass materials drying, like spent grain, cassava residue, soybean residue, corn husk and vinasse. This set of OSA-Ⅲ model dryer is customized for Liaoning customer to dry corn husk. After drying, in terms of both quality and taste, dried corn husk can be used as good animal feed. 

corn husk high moisture OSA dryer

corn husk European style high moisture biomass dryer

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