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Materials Suitable to Make Active Carbon

2015-06-08author:TAIDA GROUP

  Active carbon products are widely applied for waste water/gas purification and beneficiation industry. But, what kind of materials are suitable to make active carbon? This question is always asked by customers from active carbon industry. Generally, as long as it is materials with carbon content, the material can be used to make active carbon. But, considering of requirement for active carbon performance like ash content, strength, bulk density, superficial area and absorption ability, types of materials which can be made into good quality active carbon is not so lot.

materials to make active carbon

  In short, there are major two type’s materials available for active carbon production. One is mineral materials and the other one is biomass plant materials. In order to help customers to understand, here we summarize a list of materials options.


Biomass plant materials
Charcoal Coconut shell Fruit shell Hazelnut shell
Fruit shell Wood tar Wood pitch Paper making residue
Wood rubber Oak Birch Bamboo
Spruce Wood shavings Sugar residue Jute stick
Mineral materials Anthracite Bitumite Coal slurry Lignite
Coal tar Coal pitch Petroleum coke Oil residue


  Above material may be not so complete, if you want to know whether your local material is suitable to make active carbon, you can contact with us. Our professional service person will provide you assistance.

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