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Taida Sludge Dryer Solve Pollution Problem for Bahrain Customer

2018-09-10author:TAIDA GROUP

  With good conditions created by national belt and road initiatives, Zhengzhou Taida drying is trying to go global.
  Against the background that majority countries are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Zhengzhou Taida sludge rotary dryer machines are characterized by high efficiency and low energy consumption.Textile sludge is a kind of high moisture wastes produced during clothes fabrication and dyeing. Under the push of Bahrain government, the customer from WPH have to find a proper way to deal with such great amount of sludge.

textile sludge dryer

   Owing to low efficiency and large occupation area, customer is tired of traditional sludge rotary drum dryer. It is the new design and small footprint of Taida AST sludge rotary dryer that deeply attracts customer’s attention. Customer is greatly impressed by Taida tidy workshop, professional technical team, advanced drying technology and unique design. They dared to be our representative customer in Bahrain region. From manufacturing, delivering and commissioning, this whole sludge drying system can be regarded as a bridge signal between China and Bahrain. We hope to help more Bahrain customers to solve issued arising from sludge. 

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