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Korean Customer Came Taida Again for Coal Slurry Dryer

2019-09-26author:TAIDA GROUP

  Taida people always believe that superior quality and strong technology will bring more and more new and old customers. With good coal rotary drum drying technology, Zhengzhou Taida wins Korean customer’s preference again by its coal slurry rotary drying equipment.

Coal slurry dryer

  During mining process, there will be great amount of coal slurry or coal slime produced. In order to make full use of these high moisture coal by products, this customer plans to use Taida coal slurry rotary drum dryer to reduce moisturea nd  and recycle the dried materials as good fuel. It is the good impression five years ago that causes the successful cooperation between Taida and Korea customer. After years, they have the demand of coal slurry rotary drum dryer again. Zhengzhou Taida is still their first choice.

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