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Rod Mill in The High-Speed Railway Construction Project


After the arrival of economic crisis,our mining machinery industry has been declined in China continued for nearly one year.And this drop caused incalculable damage to our economy.If our government start to construct high-speed railway, we will have high demands of grave .Former natural grave can not meet the demands.It will be replaced by artificial sand and artificial system of stone. Rod mill is applied for triturating or crude crushing all kinds of ores with different grades and other materials by wet process,especially used for adjusting the for sand making.

rod mill

High-efficiency rod mill as a modern equipment, has been integrated into the real life of people. For example, high buildings, highway and high-speed railway have indivisible relationship with the rod mill.Our highway construction has entered a new period of rapid development,which will inevitably promote the crusher into mass production.Currently,the Chinese highway mileage has reached 54,000 kilometers,the total length after the United States.By then China will become the first global high-speed mileage country.This is bound to mark the crusher production exceeding the total number of the world.Rapid development in road construction at the same time,to accelerate the progress of high-speed railway construction ,and further promote the growth of demand for the rod mill.

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