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Hot-air Furnace

Thermal efficiency】:≥85%

Raw materials】:non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite;
Hot air outout】:1500-23000m3/h
Application range】:it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer. 

Product Description

A. High thermal efficiency: ≥85℅
B. Better for environmental protection; no harm produced;
C. Temperature rises quickly; it only takes 20 minutes from heating, rising and normally running.
D. High automation level; air temperature can be adjusted freely in a certain range.
E. Stable hot air; the temperature control accuracy can be maintain at about 5 degree centigrade;
F. Safe and reliable; complete devices to guarantee safety;

Working principle

Structure and feature of main heating body: this burner regards electricity heating as main body. There is definitely no pollution in the heating process. Heating pipe adopts stainless steel which is heat resistant and anti corrosion, so the service span of the burner is greatly expanded.
Drying: applied for medicine making, food, paper making, printing, spinning, food processing and other industries.
Heating and ventilation: suitble for shopping mall, mine, pit-bottom, underground project and other large places for ventilation and heating. DRFseries electrial hot air furnace regards air as heat carrier and adopts electrial devices to provide clean hot air for drying industries and HVAC industries. It is a kind of efficient and energy-saving equipment. 
air duct electric heater is mainly used to heating air in air duct. The specification is divided into three types, high temperature, middle temperature, low temperature. The familarity of these three types lies in that they adopt steel plates to support electrical heated tube in order to reduce vibration; overtemperature control device is installed in electrical connector; in addition, transport device is also installed between fan and heater in order to guarantee that the heater is started after fan. A differential pressure device is installed at rear and front part of heater in order to avoid malfunction of fan. Normally, the pressure of heated air in duct heater is not over 0,3 kg/cm2. If a higher pressure is needed, please choose circulating electric heater. In low-temperature heater, the temperature of air is normally not over 160 degree centigrade; the temperature of air is normally not over 260 degree centigrade in middle-temperature type. The temperature of air is normally not over 500 dgree centigrade in high-temperature type; air pipe heater and air duct heater are used in industrial air duct, air conditioner’s air duct and other industries. by heating air, increase the temperature of air output; generally, air electrical heater is generally inserted at the lateral opening of air duct. According to the working temperature in air duct, there are three types, high temperature, middle temperature and low temperature; according to the air speed in air duct, there are three speed types, high speed, middle speed and low speed. Air duct electrical heater has been widely applied to aerospace, weapon, chemical industries and other scientific labs. It is especially suitable for automatically controlled temperature, large flow high temperature joint system and accessories tests. The application range of air electrical heater is very wide: it can be used to heating any kind of gas. Hot air produced is dry, non-electrical conductive and non-combustion. No risk of explosion; no pollution; safe and reliable; the temperature of heated space will rise quickly. 


Simple operation and less labor force

With common control cabinet or PLC control system, Taida furnace holds high automation level. Whole system can be easily operated by one person. 

Less energy consumption and less emission

Compared with similar equipment, Zhengzhou Taida  furnace adopts new design and structure. It can reach to very high output capacity while consuming less energy and causing less emission. 

Constant production process and better final quality

Taida furnace can work constantly to reach to high yeild. Meanwhile,quality of final products can be guaranteed. 

Reasonable design and longer service life

Scientific structural design makes Taida furnace longer service life. Exhaust heat can be recycled and reutlized as heat source for whole system. 

Product Line Structure

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Product Feature and Application


Model (104kcal/h)
Output thermal
Temperature of air
Air quantity output
Combustion mode (kg/h)
Rated combustion quantity
WRF60 30~60 60~550 Up to air temperature and output thermal. Chain fire gate
100 7.5
WRF80 40~80 60~550 120 7.5
WRF100 40~100 60~550 150 11.0
WRF120 60~120 60~550 200 15.0
WRF150 80~150 60~550 250 18.5
WRF180 80~180 60~550 250 22.0
WRF220 100~220 60~550 300 22.0
WRF300 200~300 60~550 450 30.0
WRF360 200~360 60~550 500 45.0
WRF400 200~400 100~550 600 55.0
WRF600 300~600 100~550 900 75.0

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