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Clay Soil Dryer

【Feeding size】: 10-100mm
【Feeding moisture】: 7% to 50% 
【Capacity】: 1-110t/h
【Applicable material】:Suitable for drying clay soil, red clay, montmorillonite, refractory clay, Illite soil, bauxite, bentonite, kaolin, sticky gypsum materials.

Product Description

Clay is a soil with little sand content and viscosity. The clay itself has the characteristics of plasticity, bonding, thixotropic, shrinkage and sintering. It is widely used in industries such as industry, medicine and ceramics.Kaolinite, montmorillonite, clay-mica, and chlorite clays are common clay soils.As the performance of clay has been developed more and more, the clay dryer as its drying equipment, the application range is also more and more widely, As a professional manufacturer of clay dryers, we are constantly upgrading clay dryers.

clay drum dryer

Clay soil dryer is specially designed to dry clay materials with high viscosity. Taida clay soil dryer, which is produced based on advanced clay drying technology and has reasonable design, stable functioning, simple operation, wear resistance and durability, higher thermal efficiency and better drying effect. 


Specially Designed For Drying Clay soil

Aimed at features of clay soil, Taeda adopts new rational design suitable for drying clay and similar materials. With crushing and cleaning device, Taeda clay soil dryer can reduce moisture of clay materials to lower than 5% from 25% one time. Whole system is featured in large capacity, low energy consumption and low running cost.

High Mechanical Level and Strong Drying Ability

Taeda clay soil drum dryer adopts automatic centralized control, which makes dryer run continuously. Limestone materials are dispersed fully inside dryer and fully contact with hot air. Thus, both drying effect and drying ability are good. It adopts seal structure which can effectively avoid dust leak and noise pollution, which can greatly improve working environment of clay soil dryer.

Longer Service Life and Low Running Cost

Taeda clay soil dryer adopts abrasion resistant materials for drum which makes service life longer. Inclined new design dryer drum is beneficial for drying and thermal utilization. Lifting plates can make clay material evenly scatter in drum. Clay material can fully contact with hor air so that to improve drying efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

More Flexible Configuration and Low Exhaust Emission

Whole drying system holds flexible configuration. We can configure hopper, feeder, heat source, conveying, dust collecting, product conveying and water scrubbing device. Professional team provides one-step service amd customizes suitable equipment based on present condition.


Product Line Structure

rotary drum dryer
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Product Feature and Application


Model Drum diameter(M) Drum length(M) Drum slope(%) Motor power(kw) Drum rpm
Occupation area(m²)
TDGT-12100 1.2 10 3-5% 7.5 3-8 100
TDGT-15120 1.5 12 3-5% 10 3-8 150
TDGT-15150 1.5 15 3-5% 18.5 3-8 200
TDGT-18120 1.8 12 3-5% 11 3-8 260
TDGT-22120 2.2 12 3-5% 18.5 3-8 260
TDGT-22140 2.2 14 3-5% 18.5 3-5 300
TDGT-22160 2.2 16 3-5% 30 3-5 300
TDGT-24140 2.4 14 3-5% 30 3-5 350
TDGT-24180 2.4 18 3-5% 37 3-5 400
TDGT-24220 2.4 20 3-5% 37 3-5 450
TDGT-30200 3.0 20 3-5% 55 3-5 500
TDGT-30220 3.0 22 3-5% 75 3-5 500
TDGT-40250 4.0 25 3-5% 210 3-5 800

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