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Biomass Burner

【Fuel】:wood pellets, biomass, sawdust and wood powder;
【Composition】:combustion system, incineration system, dust collection system and electricity system;
【Applications】: mine, power plant, coal and building materials industries; 


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1. No pollution to environment; reasonable structure;
2. No emission of tar, waste water and other wastes;
3. High heating temperature; high thermal value; no secondary pollution produced;
4. Can be applied to wide range; energy can be applied substantially.
5. Low cost and low running expense; fast running speed;
6. Simple operation and convenient maintenance;
7. Wide range of fuel can be chosen as heat source; less workload; 


With the lack of electricity and oil and increasing serious of pollution, all walks of life pay more and more attention to the development of new energy. Among so many methods, the utilization of biomass is the best practical way. Biomass is composed of animals, plants, is a kind of matter which exists in earth, Biomass burner is a kind of biomass semi-gasification automatic burner. It is a kind of biomass high-temperature pyrolysis burner. Generally speaking, it is divided into two kinds, namely air-cooled burner and water-cooled burner. 

Technical Parameters:
Model Rated calorific capacity 104kcal Installed capacity
TD-15 15 0.4 400 800×600×1500
TD-30 30 0.9 690 1000×700×1700
TD-45 45 1.2 880 1100×820×1700
TD-60 60 2.4 1030 1250×920×1700
TD-90 90 3.2 1120 1250×960×1750
TD-120 120 4.3 1650 1450×1050×1800
TD-150 150 5.3 1850 1600×1120×1800
TD-200 200 6.5 2300 1720×1170×1900
TD-250 250 7.5 2930 1880×1280×2000
TD-300 300 10.2 3400 1920×1390×2100
TD-360 360 11 3850 2120×1450×2300
TD-480 480 15.5 4800 2200×1580×2300
TD-600 600 17.3 5520 2350×1650×2500
TD-900 900 23.5 6600 2550×1960×2600
TD-1200 1200 27 8350 2880×2200×2700
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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