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Rotary dryers

Mixing Type Burner

Feed granularity】:≤50mm
Applications】:it is applied to drying equipment, kitchen equipment, food and drying equipment.
Materials】: sawdust, rice husk powder, wood powder and bamboo powder;
Product introduction】:with the lack of coal, natural gas and petroleum and severe environmental problem, many industries pays more and more attention to the utilization of renewble resources. The utilizaiton of biomass energy is the most practical method at present. 


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1.Regular shape of flame; stable flame; the flame will not touch the kiln liner; the service span of kiln liner can be expanded;
2. Good mixture of gas fuel, primary wind and secondary air; full combustion; can improve thermal strength of kiln; reduce the proportion of primary air; improve the production output of kiln and reduce thermal consomption;
3. Smoking collecting hood forms a bowl shaped effect and flames. There is no strong eddy current at the beginning, which avoids temperature peak. The distribution of flame is even and reasonable, which can effectively protect kiln body and guard board.
4. Reduce the CO and NOX content in exhaust air, which is beneficial for safe running and environmental protection of electric dust collector.
5. Nozzle adopts special materials which is resistant to high temperature.


SR multichannel gas burner and mixing type burner are developed based on four-channel burner;
  It is designed for combustion of varioius gas at rotary kiln. This burner can gurantee the advantages and specialty of four-channel burner. It can not only expand the adpabilities of fuels, but also solve problem which single fuel cannot meet production demand.
This type of burner can be divided into two kinds according to exit cross-sectional area, adjustable type and unadjustable type. The following picture is chart of unadjustable type.
RS series four-channel coal powder is mainly composed of pipeline, spray nozzle, flygate, pressure measuring instruments and protection layer.
Pipeline: consists of axial flow duct, swirl wind duct, coal wind duct, center wind duct and fuel pipe. Because fuel pipe is used for ignition, the equipment is always called as four-channel burner.
Nozzle: it is made from special materials. Spray outlet area of different series of burners can be adjusted. Then, the speed of wind sprayed can be adjusted. Nozzle is one of key parts to guarantee shape of flame and service span.
Metal corrugated compensator: it is an important part to connect all ducts, insulation and the adjustment of flame shape.
Fly gate: it is used to adjusting wind volume.
Pressure measuring instruments: present the spouting speed of ejector indirectly;
Protection layer: it is also called fireproof layer; poured by users.
Structure chart of four-channel coal powder burner
It is designed for combustion of various gas at rotary kiln. This burner can guarantee the advantages and specialty of four-channel burner. It can not only expand the adaptabilities of fuels, but also solve problem which single fuel cannot meet production demand. At present, it has been applied to rotary kiln in chemical and metallurgy industries. It is well-received by its users. 

Technical Parameters:
Model Normal coal consumption(t/h) Maximum coal consumption(t/h) Weight Coal air blower Static wind fan  
Air quantity(m³/min) Air pressure(kpa) Air quantity(m³/min) Air pressure(kpa)  
   0.5~1.5  2.5  1200  
   1.5~2.5  3.0  1500  
   2.5~3.5  4.0  1950  
 25.6  19.6  
 24.6  29.4  
   3.5~4.5  6.0  2100  
 32.3  19.6  
   3.5~5.0  7.0  2300  
 41.6  29.4  
 40.1  19.6  
   4.0~6.0  8.0  2500  
 53.1  29.4  
 51.6  19.6  
   4.5~7.0  9.0  2800  
 63.2  29.4  
 60.9  19.6  
   5.0~8.0  10.0  3000  
 75.4  29.4  
 73.3  19.6  
   6.0~9.0  11.0  3200  
 77.3  29.4  
 76.0  19.6  
   6.5~10.0  12.0  3600  
 89.2  29.4  
 86.7  19.6  
   7.0~11.0  13.0  3900  
 89.2  29.4  
 86.7  19.6  
 118  29.4  
 114  19.6  
 129  29.4  
 125  19.6  
 155  29.4  
 148  19.6  
 168  29.4  
 161  19.6  
1. These technical parameters are for RSQ Series four-channel coal powder burner. Special parameters are decided by different processes and burner’s model.
2. Roots blower used in this chart is applied for area whose altitude is not over 1000 meters. If the altitude is higher than 1000 meters, air quantity and air pressure need to be adjusted.
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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