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Rotary dryers


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Mineral Materials Drying

  • Mining dryer

    Mining dryer

    Mining dryer is also called rotary drum dryer. Mining dryer is widely used in bui...
  • River Sand Dryer

    River Sand Dryer

    Sand dryer which can also be called river sand dryer yellow sand dryer and silica...
  • Limestone dryer

    Limestone dryer

    Limestone dryer is TAIDA's majort products, so professional technical support and...
  • Lignite Dryer

    Lignite Dryer

    Lignite dryer or lignite coal dryer is a drying machine mainly used for drying li...
  • Slag Dryer

    Slag Dryer

    Slag dryer can be divided into steel salg dryer and grain slad dryer. It can be u...

Biomass Drying

  • Brewer Grain Dryer

    Brewer Grain Dryer

    Beer lees is the main raw material of the beer plant. The remaining solid matter...
  • Bean Dregs dryer

    Bean Dregs dryer

    Bean dregs (soybean curb residue) is a kind of bound water large oil-based mat...
  • Cassava Dregs Dryer

    Cassava Dregs Dryer

    Reliable and widely used cassava dregss rotary dryer machine.Rotary dryer can dry...
  • Rice Husk Dryer

    Rice Husk Dryer

    The rice husk dryer is equipped one fuel boiler, inlet, steel pipe, exhaust blowe...

Viscous/Paste materials drying

  • Sludge Dryer

    Sludge Dryer

    Sludge drying machine can be widely applied in activated sludge drying petrochemi...
  • Coal Slurry Dryer

    Coal Slurry Dryer

    The Coal Slurry Dryer is used for many material : Such as the sand coal flyash co...
  • Coal Slime Dryer

    Coal Slime Dryer

    The coal slime dryer is mainly used drying coal slime and it is a special equipme...

Powder&Granular Materials Dry

  • Sand Dryer

    Sand Dryer

    Sand dryer is one of rotary dryers. It is usually applied to granular materials. ...
  • Metal Powder Dryer

    Metal Powder Dryer

    There are many kinds of dryers which can be widely applied to many range. metal p...
  • Micro Powder Dryer

    Micro Powder Dryer

    Micro powder dryer is customized by our company to dry super fine micro powder ma...
  • Fly ash dryer

    Fly ash dryer

    Fly ash drying machine is designed by the characters of its initial moisture cont...

Fodder&Wood Materials Drying


Fertilizer Drying

  • Pig Manure dryer

    Pig Manure dryer

    The pig manure dryer made by our factory is mainly used in building materials, me...
  • Cow Dung Dryer

    Cow Dung Dryer

    Best quality cow dung drying machine...
  • Chicken Manure Dryer

    Chicken Manure Dryer

    This dryer uses fresh Chicken Manure Dryer dairy manure as raw material without a...

Domestic/Municipal Waste Dry

  • Forestry Waste Dryer

    Forestry Waste Dryer

    Forestry waste dryer machine has wind adjusting equipment between stove and dryer...
  • Food Waste Dryer

    Food Waste Dryer

    Wet materials are sent to dryer by conveyor belt or elecator or in order to feed ...

Special Drying Process

  • Three drum Dryer

    Three drum Dryer

    Three-drum dryer is also called three-cylinder dryer and triple-drum dryer. It h...
  • Triple-drum dryer

    Triple-drum dryer

    Triple-drum dryer is specially designed to dry materials with high viscosity like...
  •  Indirect-heat transfer dryer

    Indirect-heat transfer dryer

    Dryer machine is a kind of dryer with a rotating cylinde which is a little bit in...
  • Rotary Drum Dryer

    Rotary Drum Dryer

    Rotary dryer is mainly used in building materials industry or metallurgical in...

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