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Rotary dryers

Sawdust Dryer

【Capacity】: 2.5-36t/h


【Heat Source】:Coal, oil, natural gas, timber.

【Drying Materials】:Sawdust, palm shell,wood chips,bagasse,straw,vinasse,slag,coal powder, mining powder,clay,sand,limestone and so on.


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sawdust dryer


  • Environmental Protection

    Modular dust collecting and purifying heat recycling configuration, safe and protect environmental.

  • Great handling capacity

     there is a whole set of equipment which holds 10 to 200t/h output capacity. We can also customize drying machine according to customer’s demands.

  • Energy saving and efficient 

    Fast drying speed, uniform drying effect, energy conservation, easy to control, safe and pollution free.

  • Professional technology support 

    Equipped with thorough tail gas purification system, pollution free; adopt Taida special heat recycle technology and reduce running cost;


  Sawdust dryer structure includes heating furnace, and feeding mouth, rotating tube, filter tube, material transmission tube, cooling tube and discharge mouth. Sawdust can be fully dried in rotating tube, and sawdust will be fully dispersed before going into material transmission tube, making water evaporation fast, and the block can block impurities in sawdust to guarantee the quality of sawdust in the material transmission tube. Wood chips entering the sawdust dryer, and the material boiling in the cylinder of sawdust dryer, hot air fully contact with the material to complete the drying process.

sawdust drying equipment


wood chp dryer


Technical Parameters:
Model(m) Production capacity(T/H) Main motor Main reducer Weight(T)
Power(KW) Type Type Velocity ratio
Φ1.2×10m 2.5 7.5 Y160M-R3 ZL50-16-I --- 13.5
Φ1.5×12m 3.3-4.9 10 Y160L-6-B3 JZQ500-Ⅲ-2F --- 18.9
Φ1.5×15m 4-6 18.5 Y200L1-6 JZQ500-Ⅲ-2F --- 21
Φ1.8×12m 4-6 18.5 Y160L-6 ZQ50-16Ⅱ-2 16.46 23
Φ2.2×12m 7-12 18.5 Y200L7-6 JZQ650-Ⅲ 31.5 38
Φ2.2×14m 7-12 22 Y200L7-6 JZQ650-Ⅲ 31.5 40
Φ2.2×16m 12 30 Y225M-6 JZQ750-Ⅲ 31.5 45
Φ2.4×14m 12 30 Y250M-6 JZQ750-Ⅲ 31.5 51
Φ2.4×18m 10-13 37 Y250M-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 54
Φ2.4×20m 10-14 37 Y250N-6 ZL85-13-I 27.16 55
Φ3×20m 25 55 Y250M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 78
Φ3×25m 32-36 75 YR280M-4 ZL100-16-I 41.52 105

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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