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【Output Cylinder Length】:6 to 8.5 m
Production Capacity】:20 to 99 t/ph
【Application range】:coal industry, ore beneficiation industry, steel making industry and sand making industry; 
【Materials】: river sand, artificial sand, silica sand, yellow sand, mineral sand, grain slag, coal cinder and etc. 


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Introduction of sand dryer:
Sand dryer also can be called quartz sand drying machine, river sand dryer or sand rotary dryer, is mainly used for drying particle materials with certain humidity, such as all kinds of sand in foundry industry and dry-mixed mortar industry.Clay with small particle size in building materials and cement industry.Small particle size materials with no chemical changes and heat and dust resistance in chemical industry. According to different requirements on moisture content of dried materials in different industries, moisture content of dried materials can be lower than 0.5%.
Sand Dryer Classification:
According to volume, sand dryer can be divided into large sand dryer and small sand dryers; While according to the materials to be dried, it can be divided into silica sand dryer, river sand dryer, yellow sand dryer, quartz sand dryer, sea sand dryer, garnet sand dryer, etc.
Sand Dryer Machine Applications:
Sand dryer is suitable for drying river sand, dry-mixed mortar, yellow sand, slag, clay, coal gangue, mixture, coal ash, gypsum, iron powder, limestone, coal, ore, semi-coke. It is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, foundry, cement plant and other industries.
Structure Composition and Characteristics
Sand dryer is mainly composed of rotary cylinder, air inducing equipment, high-speed scattering equipment, lifter plate, automatic cleaning device, transmission device, conveying equipment, hot air equipment, speed reducer, supporting and sealing device, etc. It has reasonable design, exquisite workmanship, stable performance, advanced process, high output, low energy consumption, small occupied area, and high mechanization.
1. We are a company with powerful strength;
2. Small flow resistance, wide operating range, easy operation;
3. Reliable performance, flexible operation, great adaptability, large production capacity;
4. Our company holds technological advantages which other companies can not surpass.
5. Dedicate structures and auxiliary equipment avoid that sand sticks on the wall of machine;
6. Our dryer is wrapped in a layer of insulating course to reduce heat loss;
7. Adopt wear resistant equipment;
8. Can save energy; small occupancy; high thermal efficiency ; easy installation


Sand dryer is one of rotary dryers. It is usually applied to granular materials. It also can be applied to drying materials with high moisture content. This kind of dryer is widely used to building materials, metallurgy, food, chemical industry, coal and medicine. Our TDJ series of sand dryers are specially designed for sand drying.
Sand dryer is mainly composed of drum, front roller ring, gear, block roller, drag roller, dis-charger, lift plate, reducer, electric motor, hot air tunnel, furnace body and inlet chute inlet chute. According to customer’s requests, coal gas producer, combustion chamber, lifter, belt conveyor, feeder, cyclone dust collector and induced draft fan can be equipped.
Materials are sent to hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator. Then, materials are sent into feeding side through the feeding pipe. Feeding tube inclination angle is greater than the natural materials for smooth flow of material. In the process, wet materials get the heat given by heat carriers directly or indirectly in the process of moving forward, which makes materials get dried further. A shoveling plate is equipped in the tube wall. The function of the shoveling plate is to lift materials constantly so that the contact between materials and air flow is improved. Then, drying rate and drying process get promoted. Exhaust air is generally divided into hot air and flue gas. Generally speaking, cyclone dust collector is needed to collect materials in exhaust gas. If further process is needed to reduce dust content, exhaust air should enter the bag filter or wet dust emissions. Even sometimes multilevel dust control system is required before exhaust air is discharged.

Technical Parameters:
Model Power kw Fan kw Output t Weight t
HZ1603 3 3 3 8.5
HZ2005 5.5 5.5 5 12
HZ2210 6 5.5 10 16
HZ2420 12 11 20 26
HZ2625 16 11 25 32
HZ2830 22 15 30 36
HZ3035 26 15 35 40
HZ3240 30 18.5 40 45
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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