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OSB Triple Pass Biomass Dryer

【Capacity】: 800-56,000kg/h
【Heat source】: Oil, gas, coal, biomass pellet and other liquid/solid fuels. 
【Motor power】: 4-500kw. 
【Applicable materials】: Suitable for drying biomass pit, forage grass, alfalfa, silage, tea, ginkgo leaf, sawdust, paper pulp and other light biomass materials. 

Overview Description

  Taeda OSB series light biomass dryer is a kind of large capacity biomass material drying equipment developed based on TDOSA drying machine. According to working space demands, dryer body can be made into single drum or three drum. Matched with Taeda biomass burner as heat source, OSB drying machine can effectively save energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution. In addition, problem of high fuel cost is solved. During drying process, materials will be dried twice by rotary drum dryer and pulse drying unit one by one. Large particle and heavy materials will be discharged from dryer's discharging gland head. Light materials will be out from material collector. Temperature increase of raw material will be controlled within 40 ℃ during whole drying process. OSB dryer can both guarantee drying effect and maintain internal chemical quality of products. Therefore, OSB dryer is also very suitable for drying forage grass, silage and tea material. 

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Specially Designed For Light Biomass Drying

Taeda OSB fully takes features of light biomass consideration during designing process like flying dust and easy burning. Inner structure of dryer drum is re-arranged so that to solve difficulties for drying light biomass materials like sawdust, wood chip, wood shaving, herb, straw, corncob cocopeat and etc. Whole OSB drying system is featured in simple operation, smooth production, large capacity and low energy consumption.

New Drying Technology Makes Continuous Drying Come True

Taeda OSB dryer adopts new drying concept which can meet continuous drying requirements of various light biomass materials and make final products more suitable for fodder production. Whole drying and dehydration process is gentle and final product holds better quality.

Less Energy Consumption and Small Footprint

Taeda OSB dryer adopts reasonble structure and scientific design. According to space demand, it can be made into single drum or three drum type. Therefore, Taeda OSB dryer holds small footprint and its heat radiating area is smaller than common dryer. It is featured in good drying effect and stable running performance.

More Flexible Configuration and Wide Application

Whole drying system holds flexible configuration. We can configure dewatering equipment, feeder, crusher, heat source, conveying, dust collecting, elevation, cooler and packing unit. Professional team provides one-step service amd customizes suitable equipment based on present condition.


Further details

light biomass triple pass dryer
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Diameter (mm) 2500 2500 3000 3000 3000 3600 3600 3600 4200 4200
Length (mm) 8000 10500 10500 13000 15500 13000 15500 18500 15500 18500
Capacity (t/h) 2 3 4.5 5.5 6.5 9 10 12 13.5 16.8
Drying Type
Three pass drum dryer
Proper models can be customized according to your demands. Please feel free to contact with us any time!  
Typically suitable for drying materials:
Wood bits Sawdust Wood shaving Paper pulp Wood chip Corncob Decoction dregs
Cassava dregs Forage grass  Alfalfa Green Bristlegrass Mulberry protein leaf Ginkgo leaf Tea 
Plant stem Cocopeat Malt residue Bran Biogas residue Herb residue Straw

If your material not on the list?

Please contact us and we will provide you solution!

What Makes Taeda Different

Strong Processing Ability

Various automatic processing devices makes Taeda has the ability to process 17.5-m length and 100-mm thickness equpment.

Strict Quality Inspection

Taeda carries out strict quality inspection regulations which makes Taeda equipment with high output capacity and high effciency.


Standard Production

Advanced and modern production center makes equipment production process more efficient and Taeda Manufacture reliable.

Superior Process Texture

Taeda adopts superior equipment production materials which guarantees long service life and stable working performance. 

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