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Aerobic Fermentation
【Materials】: animal manure, kitchen wastes, life sludge and biomass (straw and sawdust);
【Production Capacity】:7 to 15 cubic meters per day;
【Applications】:its working principle is mix wastes (animal manure, kitchen wastes and life sludge), biomass (straws and sawdust) and return materials according to a certain proportion. Decompose organic matters in wastes by using the active quality of microbes. In this way, the bulk volume of sludge will be reduced. The reduction disposal of sludge will be achieved. 

Product Description

  Its working principle is mix wastes (animal manure, kitchen wastes and life sludge), biomass (straws and sawdust) and return materials according to a certain proportion. When the moisture content is reduced to 60% to 65%, materials can enter into vertical aerobic system, by adjusting moisture content of raw materials, oxygen content and temperature, materials can be totally aerobic fermentation decomposed. Heat produced in the process can improve sludge’s temperature. The temperature can reach to 80 degree centigrade. The moisture in sludge will be evaporated with the increase of temperature. Partial organic matters are decomposed. Bulk volume of sludge will be reduced. Reduction disposal aim can be realized. By the action of ventilation, oxygenation and mixture, the temperature of the whole system can be controlled from 55 degree centigrade to 60 degree centigrade. The best temperature for fermentation disposal can be reached. This temperature can kill a great amount of causative agents and parasites. At the same time, make use of deodorization system to start biological deodorization for gas discharged. The aim of harmless disposal of sludge can be reached. Products from this system can be used for land improvement, landscaping, landfilling and mulching soil. 

aerobic fermentation drum


Wide application range

Taida disc granulator can be used to granulate chicken manure, cow dung, sheep manure and other kinds of organic fertilizer materials.  

High working efficiency

Compared with other similar disc granulator, Taida disc granulator can produce more output products.  

Easy maintenance and simple operation

With reasonble structural design, Taida disc granulator holds lowwer malfunction rate and longer serivce life.

Better working performance and rational design

Taida disc granulator holds good working performance and rational design, which makes it achieve higher output capacity.  

Product Line Structure

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Product Feature and Application


Equipment models:
F-70SA: daily handling capacity: about 7 cubic meters;
F-89SA: daily handling capacity: about 10 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters;

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