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Shanxi Coal Slurry Dryer Delivery Site

Date:02-12-2017 From:unknow Author:TAIDA GROUP

REVIEW:With cooperation between marketing and production department, Taida coal slurry dryer machine today delivered to Shanxi customer working site.

coal slurry dryer delivery
With the cooperation work between taida production and marketing department,  customized coal slurry dryer and auxilary parts for Shanxi coal cleaning plants are delivered to Shanxi working site. 
Through previous thorough communication between customer and taida technical department, we matched a complete set of coal slurry drying system. here is main configuration equipment liste.
1. φ1.8/25m coal slurry dryer 
2. large mxing&dispersing silo
3. cyclone dust collector and auxiliary induced draft system 
4. feeding anit discharging belt 
  With confidence in our equipment, both customer and taida are looking forward to stable running of the system.  this coal slurry drying system will definitely solve customer's problem and bring great profits. 
  More information about drying machine, please pay more attention to taida follow-up report. 

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