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What is the Influence of Temperature Decrease to Sand Dryer?

Date:13-05-2017 From:unknow Author:TAIDA GROUP

REVIEW:What is the Influence of Temperature Decrease to Sand Dryer? Famous drying machine manufacturer in China, Zhengzhou Taida will explain you the relation between environmental temperature and sand drying effect.

Sand dryer is a kind of mechanical equipment to dry wet materials. This machine is widely applied in different industries. In winter, the weather is very cold, which has great impact upon mechanical production. What are the influences of temperature decrease to sand dryer? Here, professional engineers from Zhengzhou Taida will explain you briefly.
sand dryer
1. Influence to the components’ quality of sand dryer: because sand dryer contains many devices in the whole production process. Many devices are made from iron steel. When the weather becomes colder, the physical nature of iron steel will become brittle. Without proper operation, components may rupture easily. Then, the whole drying process cannot be carried out normally. Meanwhile, the performance of components will decline, which will cause abnormal production process.
2. Influence to equipment running process: cold weather will cause abnormal operation of sand drying equipment. Sand dryer will be started up difficultly, which will reduce working efficiency and waste resources.
3. Influence to heat transfer: sand dryer takes advantage of internal heat transfer to dry sand. If the external temperature is too low, temperature difference between dryer drum and external environment will be very large. Accordingly, thermal loss will be caused easily. With large amount of fuel fired, ideal drying effect of raw materials cannot be achieved, which will bring about more investment cost for manufacture factories. 
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