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Waste Combustion Furnace

【Compositions】:disposal system, incineration system, dust removing system and coal gasifier.
【Application range】:domestic wastes, medical wastes and industrial wastes;
【Fuels】:coal, oil and gas 


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1. Full combustion; properly control of combustion in furnace;
2. Can dispose a wide range of wastes such as domestic wastes, medical wastes and wasted rubbers;
3. High combustion efficiency; its combustion efficiency can reach to over 80%;
4. It holds automatically cleaning function; less malfunction;
5. Low maintenance cost; strict control for emissions;
6. Cover less floor; no smoke; no odor; no secondary harm produced;


It is always applied to disposing medical, domestic wastes and animal harmlessness. It takes advantage of the combustion of coal and oil to incinerate materials which are going to be disposed in order to achieve the aim of sterilization. Domestic wastes are incinerated in furnace hearth and turns into waste gas which will enter secondary combustion chamber. The combustion process is total under the forced burning of combustion furnace. Waste incineration furnace is composed of disposal system, incineration system, dust removing system and coal gasifier. This equipment merges automatic feeding, screening, drying, incineration, ash-cleaning and automatic controlling into a whole. 

Technical Parameters:
Items Projects Units Test result Standard limited value
1 Smoke mg/m3 74 80
2 blackness Greenman blackness level <1 1
3 Carbon oxide mg/m3 89 150
4 Nitric oxide mg/m3 316 400
5 sulfur dioxide mg/m3 171 260
6 hydrogen chloride mg/m3 32 75
7 Mercury mg/m3 0.04 0.2
8 Cadminum mg/m3 0.02 0.1
9 Lead mg/m3 0.37 1.6

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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