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Titanium Calcining Kiln

Feed granularity: Φ2.5×40-Φ6.0×95m
Production capacity: 180-6000t/h
Application range: it is widely applied to coating, plastics, paper-making, chemical fiber, rubber and cosmetics. 
【Feed granularity】:Φ2.5×40-Φ6.0×95m
【Production capacity】:180-6000t/h
【Application range】:it is widely applied to coating, plastics, paper-making, chemical fiber, rubber and cosmetics. 


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1. Reliable and simple production process;
2. Simple structure and reliable running process;
3. High efficiency and save much energy;
4. Less wearing parts and high running efficiency;
5. Green to environment and cause no pollution to environment; 


The structure of titanium calcining kiln is similar to rotary kiln in aluminium oxide and cement industry. Its cylinder is made of steel plate and is set with refractory materials which forms a certain inclination with horizontal level. There are three rectangular belting leather set on cylinder. Near the belting leather in the middle, a big gear ring is fixed by tangent spring-plate. During normal running, driving motor will transfer power through main reducer in order to drive rotary kiln.

Technical Parameters:
Items Specifications (m ) Number Basic data Main reducer Main motor Riding wheel axial bearing  weight(t)
Rotary speed r/min Inclination % Output t/d Models Power kW Rotary speed r/min            
1 Φ2.4×38 (T929) 0.2 ~0.6 2.2 30 ZS125 30 1470 Machinery roll  150
2 Φ2.8×53 J920 0.1 ~0.3 4 50 ZS145 22 1470 Machinery roll 271
3 Φ3.2×55 J931A 0.1 ~0.3 4 67 ZS165 55 1470 Hydraulic roll  275.4
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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