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Swirl Coal Powder Burner

Feed Granularity】:≤50mm
Applications】: it is applied to production industries such as metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, refractory materials and fertilizer.
Materials】:non-caked and weak bonding bitumite and anthracite;
Product introduction】:injection type coal powder burner is a kind of extension device of coal grinding powder spraying machine. At present, it is a kind of most special heating equipment. It adopts special air supply guiding structure with multinozzles which can effectively form trap heat of high temperature. 


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1.Fuels are distributed evenly at the outlet port of burner; reasonable air distribution; proper mixture point of primary and secondary air; the black fire head at the outlet of burner is controlled from 200 mm to 350 mm in order to make sure timely and strong combustion.
2. Well-organized air dynamic field is better for fire, even mixture of coal powder burning and prevention of slag-bonding. Primary air always rotates weakly. Secondary air forms strong swirling rotation through special structure; by adjustment, annular swirling can be transformed into annular straight air in order to reach proper swirling strength. By adjustment of special structure, primary air can also reach a best mixture point. As a result, this product with diffusion type combustion holds good adjustment in order to adapt to various coals.
1. 3. The resistance of primary air is very small. Coefficient of primary resistance is 0.8 to 2. The coefficient of secondary air resistance is 5 to 6. Owing to features mentioned above,this machine can effectively adjust exit gas diffusion angle and re-circulation zone. It is a new efficient and energy-saving equipment which is widely applied to model selection of industrial kiln and boiler designed in our country. At the same time, it is suitable for host with direct injection system, that is the national patent product developed by our company: high efficiency energy saving type fan coal mill;


Developed from the special swirling coal powder burner of department of energy of the united states, double swirling coal powder burner combines with technical requests of industrial boiler. As a result, manufacture cost is much lower and operation is much easier. 

Technical Parameters:
Product list: without oil gun
NO. Model Technical parameter (Kg/H)
Minimum coal consumption
Maximum coal consumption
Size (kg)
1 LZ-200 Burn-off rate 99% 100  250 Φ307×1021 56
2 LZ-300 Burn-off rate 99% 200  600 Φ350×1196 85
3 LZ-400 Burn-off rate 99% 400  1200 Φ400×1316 145
4 LZ-600 Burn-off rate 99% 600  2400 Φ460×1532 245
5 LZ-800 Burn-off rate 99% 1000  4500 Φ545×1625 420
Product list: with oil gun
NO. Model Technical parameter (Kg/H)
Minimum coal consumption
Maximum coal consumption
Size (kg)
1 LQ-200 Burn-off rate 99% 80  200 Φ307×1121 67
2 LQ-300 Burn-off rate 99% 150  450 Φ350×1296 105
3 LQ-400 Burn-off rate 99% 380  1140 Φ400×1416 175
4 LQ-600 Burn-off rate 99% 500  2000 Φ460×1632 275
5 LQ-800 Burn-off rate 99% 800  3600 Φ545×1725 460
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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