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【Production Capacity】:0.3 to 60t/h
【Applications】:it is applied to metallurgy, drying, chemistry, building materials, battery materials, rare earth and other powder.
【Materials】: non adhesive and weakly bonded materials;
【Product introduction】:zhengzhou Taida is a professional and comprehensive factory which is specialized in research&development, design, manufacture, marketing and service of mixing and agitating equipment.  


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1. Flexible selection plan
Mixer is made from carbon steel, manganese, 304 stainless steel, 321 stainless steel and other steel materials. Different materials can be used as a combination. While select materials for equipment: the part which contacts with materials and the part which doesn’t contact with materials;
Coatings and protection layer which holds function such as corrosion resistance, anti-adhesion, separation and wear proof can be added inner mixer. The disposal methods for the surface of stainless steel are classified into sand blast, drawbench, polishing and mirror. These disposal methods can be used for different parts.
The texture of equipement can be 316L, 321,304 carbon steel.
2.  Reliable driving device
According to different quality, starting method, mixing method, the mixer can arrange customized drive device with different capacity, power and different rotary speed. The driving motor can be divided into: normal motor, explosion-proof motor, converter motor, efficient and energy-saving motor, high protection grade motor and motor under different voltage; common reducer motor: R,K, F gear reducer, cyclonical pin wheel reducer, universal gear box, planetary gear reducer; common connection methods: direct coupling, belt pulley connection and hydraulic coupler connection.
3. Efficient agitating device
According to different qualities of materials, different agitators can be configured.
The normal mixing of materials can be divided into: mixture of different materials; batch mixture of the same materials; mixture of powder and little amount of liquid; agitating the mixture of powder and liquid to slurry, the thickening or dilution of slurry; the mixture of granular materials and powder; the mixing of granular materials and granular materials; the mixing of crushed briquette materials; mixing of cooling and heating;
Modified mixer of horizontal agitator can be divided into: internal and external double screw type; paddle ribbon type; internal and external faulted belt type and razor type;
4. Good agitating device 
Horizontal spiral ribbon mixer is generally configured with curve surface turning valve. The curve surface turning plate fits with the cylinder surface completely. In the process of agitating, there is no additional agitating dead angle, which makes the mixing of materials more even. The driving of valve can be divided into three kinds, manual, pneumatic and electrical driving modes.
There are other valves for your reference powder ball valve, cylinder valve, plum blossom valve, powder butterfly valve and rotary feeding valve. 
5. Multiple opening modes
there are different forms of openings which can be set on the drum cover of mixer in order to meet various working conditions. According to the functions of opening, hand-hole, fettling door, feeder nose, air vent and dust extraction hose. The forms of openings can be divided into two kinds, flange standard opening and fast open door with cover.
The mixer can be designed as all-open barrel cover. 
6. Strong auxiliary components
many components can be added to mixer. There are some common components used, coil steam jacket, honeycomb pressure jacket, circulating media jacket, one-line sampling valve, high speed fly knife, high temperature probe, weighing system, dust wiper and purification components. According to different media of heat source, there are several forms of jackets which can be chosen. The temperature can be increased and also can be cooled. The highest temperature can be controlled within 250 degree centigrade.
While add a little amount of liquid, spray liquid spraying device is needed, which makes liquid evenly scatter and mix in the main materials.  


WLDH horizontal spiral ribbon mixer is widely applied to chemistry, medicine, food and building materials. It can be usd to mix powder&powder, powder&liquid and powder and granularities.
Two-layer spiral ribbons coil in different directions in inner part of mixer. Under the driving of force, materials are mixed rapidly. This equipment holds good mixing performance, production efficiency and less malfunction. This equipment is batch mixer. According to material amount which will be processed, choose proper equipment model.
Process capacity in every batch: 0.1 to 20 square meters
Materials processed in every batch: 0.3 to 15 tons
Time used for mixing: 3 to 15 minutes
The texture of equipment can be 316L, 321,304 carbon steel.
Horizontal spiral belt mixer is composed of mixing bunker and agitator, driving device. Double helical ribbon agitator shaft is installed in U-shape tubular. Under the driving force of outer screw belt, the coil form which cooperates with rotary direction will drive materials to central area from two ends of U-shape bin. Meanwhile, internal screw will drive materials to two ends from central area and forms a convective mixing.
Discharge port is installed at the bottom of horizontal mixer barrel. Screw structure of outer screw belt cooperates with the rotary direction of main shaft which will drive materials in inner drum wall to central discharge port in order to make sure that there is no dead angle of discharging. 

Technical Parameters:
Equipment model Equipment volume
Equipment volume
Production volume
Production volume
Mixing amount
Mixing amount
Main shaft rotary speed
Rotary speed of main shaft
Overall dimensions
Weight of equipment
MSZH-100 100L 30~50 <100 1.1 15 1500*600*1500 240
MSZH-200 200L 50~100 <150 1.5 15 1750*700*1700 300
MSZH-500 500L 150~250 <300 2.2 15 4200*1650*1560 650
MSZH-1000 1000L 300~500 <600 3 12 4400*1850*1850 900
MSZH-1500 1500L 300~800 <800 4 12 4500*1850*2000 980
MSZH-2000 2000L 500~1000 <1000 5.5 12 5400*2050*2250 1600
MSZH-3000 3000L 500~1500 <1500 7.5 9 6550*2350*2700 1800
MSZH-4000 4000L 1000~2000 <2000 11 9 6800*2500*3000 2200
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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