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PLC Control System

Applications】: petrochemical, building materials, metallurgy, light industry and etc.
Basic feature】:central processing, storage system and power source;
Famous brand】:Siemens, ABB, Panasonic and etc;


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  1. Advanced system; can set different parameters to meet different demands;
  2. Flexible operation; switch between manual and automatic mode;
  3. No need for manual assistance; cover less area; lighter;
  4. Reliable performance; cost less investment; strong resistance to interference;
  5. Can be widely applied to many industries; 


PLC control system, Programmable Logic Controller, programmable logic controller, a digital computing operation of electronic systems, designed for use in industrial environments and design. It uses a programmable memory for its internal storage procedures, implementation of logical, sequential control, timing, user-oriented counting and arithmetic operations such instruction, and through digital or analog input / output control of various types of machinery or production processes. It is the core of industrial control.
Since the 1960s the United States introduced a programmable logic controller (Programmable Logic Controller, PLC) to replace the traditional relay control system, PLC has been rapid development, has been widely used around the world. Meanwhile, the PLC function has been improved. With computer technology, signal processing technology, control technology continues to develop network technology and continuously improve customer demand, PLC increased the analog processing and motion control functions on the basis of the switching process. Today's PLC is no longer limited to the logic control, motion control, process control and other fields also play a very important role.

Technical Parameters:
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