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Mobile Beans Dryer

【Materials:rice, wheat, rice husk, rice straw, beans and other grains;
Application Range: farms and grain stations;
Fuels】: rices husk, coal, straw and wood;


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1. Can be applied to rice, wheat and beans which holds high moisture content.
2. Can be applied to farms, grain stations and grain specialists;
3. Adopts circular process; grains are heated evenly and fully; good quality of final products;
4. Can use many materials as its fuels; after combustion and heat exchanging, there is no contamination to grains;
5. Equipped with automatic temperature measurement. High automatic level; can ensure good quality of final products;
6. Simple structure; small covering area; easy operation; easy to convey and move;
7. Needs less investment; less usage expense; can meet demands of small and medium sized farms;


Mobile grain dryer is used to drying rice, wheat and bean which holds high moisture content. It is suitable for farms, grain station and grain specialists. Mobile grain dryer regards hot air as drying media. It adopts circular drying process. Grains are heated evenly and fully. Finished products holds good quality. Grain dryers uses coal, wood, rice straw and rice husk as fuels. After combustion and heat exchanging, clean hot air will be produced. Therefore, there is no contamination to dried grains. This grain dryer also equipped with automatic temperature measurement device. The automatic level gets improved greatly, which will ensures the good quality of final products.
Mobile Grain Dryer
1. Screw loader: used to feed grains; it controls grains amount fed according to the initial moisture;
2. Blower: used to send wind. Motor: Y132S1-2  7.5kw
3. Screw feeder: it is a device where grains enter dryer;
4. Air exhauster: used to exhaust moisture; . Motor: Y802-4    0.75KW
5. Heat exchanger: it is a body to dry grains;
6. Air collection bar: collect moisture and exhaust intensively;
7. Automatic burner: it is a device where heat exchange happens; it provides thermal energy for dried materials;
8. Outlet: collect discharged grains;
9. Slag discharge outlet: collect discharged slag;
10. Adjustable roller: it is a device to support dryer body and rotation.
11. Oil box: provide fuels for dryer;
12. Electricity control cabinet: control electric devices of dryer;
13. Under-frame
14. Transmission of reducer
15. Motor: Y132M1-6   5.5kw

Technical Parameters:
Mobile grain dryer
Materials: corn, wheat, rice and other bean; final moisture content: below 13%; heating temperature: 100 to 180 degree centigrade; temperature of materials: not over than 35 degree centigrade
Model Output
Dehydration capacity
Breading  rate value added Dimensions
YD1000 800-1200 2.2+1.5+3+1.5=8.2  
YD1600 1500-2000 2.2+2.2+4+1.5=9.9 6.2×2.6×2.9
YD2000 3000-5000 3+3.5+5.5+1.5=13.5 6.2×2.9×3.26
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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