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Microwave Belt Dryer

【Materials】: food, sludge, tea, medicine, wood and building materials. 
【Applications】: used to drying, sterilizing and puffing various materials; 
【Types】: belt, chain plate and chain type.


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1. Good quality, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection;
2. Realize even drying and clean production; can greatly reduce drying temperature;
3. Drying speed is much faster than that of traditional dryers; production efficiency can be greatly improved;
4. Energy consumption can be reduced by more than 50%;
5. Realize safe and clean production;
6. High stability, high intelligence, strict production standard, fine manufacture process; 


 Microwave belt drying equipment can be classified into belt type, chain plate type and chain type. It is mainly applied to drying, sterilizing and puffing.
  Different from traditional drying methods, microwave dryer adopts bulk heating mode. Because the external heat is easily distributed, the direction of heat conduction and the direction of moisture diffusion are the same. Compared with traditional drying mode, microwave dryer is characterized by high drying speed, energy saving, high production efficiency, even drying and clean production. This machine can easily realize automatic control and improve product quality. Therefore, it attracts more and more attention from different fields. Although the study of microwave dryer lags behind a little, china has also gained some good results. 
  It is suitable for drying agricultural and sideline products, medicine, chemical industry and nonferrous metals. 

Technical Parameters:
Model Microwave frequency Microwave power/kw Input  power/kw input voltage Length×width×height (m)  
Width of materials distributed
BDMW-S-PM-15 2450±30 15 17 380V 6m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 1.6
BDMW-S-PM-30 2450±30 30 32 380V 8m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 2
BDMW-S-PM-45 2450±30 45 47 380V 10m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 3
BDMW-S-PM-80 2450±30 80 82 380V 14m×1.1m×1.7m (H) 0.6m 4.2
BDMW-S-PM-15 2450±30 15 17 380V 6m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 2
BDMW-S-PM-30 2450±30 30 32 380V 8m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 2.4
BDMW-S-PM-45 2450±30 45 47 380V 10m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 3.4
BDMW-S-PM-80 2450±30 80 82 380V 14m×1.5m×1.7m (H) 0.85m 5
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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