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Iron ore pellets dryer

【Capicity(t/h)】: 0.5-36


【Delivery】:15-30 days

【Application】:Iron ore pellets drye is widely used in the field of building materials, metallurgies, chemical industry.


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The iron ore pellets dryer has been optimized a lot, which possesses the following characteristics:



1.The internal adopts assembled structure which has improved the accuracy of the equipment and it is easy to transport and install.
2.According to the characteristics of different materials, we have arranged the second granulation zone reasonably so as to improve the granulation effect.
3.Adopts assembled hoist board so as to exchange heat fully and lower the energy consumption.
4.Temperature induction monitor, uniform vibration and airproof setting, which improve performance and productivity efficiently.
5.The assorted combustion furnace is a type of energy-efficient and has the characteristics of smaller area, easy regulation and equipped with greenhouse.

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Widely used in the field of building materials, metallurgies, chemical industry, cement, and more.Taida series Iron ore pellets dryer can dry slag, coal powder, mining powder, clay, sand, limestone, and more.
The Iron ore pellets dryer is made into rotary body, lifting blade, driving device, and supporting device.It has advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and convenient for transportation

Technical Parameters:
Specification Capacity (t/h) Motor Main gear box Weight 
Power(kw) Model Model  Speed reduction ratio
0.6×8m 0.5-0.8 4 T160m-R3 TD50-16-1 8 5.1
0.8×10 0.9-1.5 4 T 160M-R3 TD 50-16-1 7.2 6.9
1.0×10 1.8-2.3 5.5 T 160M-R3 TD 50-16-1 6.73 7.5
Φ1.2×10m 2.5 7.5 T 160M-R3 TD 50-16-I 6.5  13.5
Φ1.5×12m 3.3-4.9 10 T 160L-6-B3 TD 500-3-2F 4.8  18.9
Φ1.5×15m 4-6 11 T 200L1-6 TD 500-3-2F 3.5  21
Φ1.8×12m 4-6 18.5 T 160L-6 TD 50-16-2-2 16.46 22.83
Φ2.2×12m 7-12 18.5 T 200L7-6 TD 650-3 31.5 37.6
Φ2.2×14m 7-12 18.5 T 200L7-6 TD 650-2 31.5 40
Φ2.2×16m 12 30 T 225M-6 TD 750-2 31.5 45
Φ2.4×14m 12 30 T 250M-6 TD 750-2 31.5 51
Φ2.4×18m 10-13 37 T 250M-6 TD 85-13-1 27.16 54
Φ2.4×20m 10-14 37 T 250N-6 TD 85-13-I 27.16 54.14
Φ3×20m 25 55 T 250M-4 TD 100-16-I 41.52 78
Φ3×25m 32-36 75 T 280M-4 TD 100-16-I 41.52 104.9

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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