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Rotary dryers

Grain Drying Tower

【Drying Rate】: 0.5 to 1.2%
【Output】: 200t/per day
【Application Range】:paddy, wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed and other seeds; 


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1. Low temperature:
According to different types of grains, customers can adjust drying temperature. Low temperature technology protects grains from being damaged.
2. Large air flow:
Super large draught fan is applied. The centrifugal fan of low noise and anti-overloading operates steadily without vibration. Slow start-up model ensures evenly blowing and long working life.
3. Low investment:
Multi heat sources are applied like steam, natural gas, fuel oil or rice husk etc. the temperature of which can be accurately controlled so as to ensure grain quality. In addition, high-usage of heat reduces drying cost. Continuous processing technology ensures large capacity and high efficiency, which reduces energy consumption.
4. Long working life:
Continuous grain dryer is designed for outdoor style without the need of building workshop. Galvanized steel plate is applied for air net and main parts. The whole machine has good appearance and sealing as well as long working life, and can be operated all day outdoors at any condition. 
5. Easy operation:
PLC touch screen control system can display and control operating parameter of equipment, combustion parameter of burner, and drying parameter of grains etc. Computer control system is easy and humanized which has the functions like alarming, remote control, auto diagnosis, trouble removal etc.
6. Low maintenance cost:
The materials and spare parts applied to dryer are durable with low failure rate. Easy parting bolt shall be applied to dryer shell connection, which is sturdy and durable. All electric system and components conforms to NEMA standard.


Full continuous drying theory is applied for continuous grain dryer. Grains flow into the tower through the feeder on the top of the drying machine, and then flow into grain column slowly by gravity. Grains are dried first by hot-air blower, then cooled by cold-air blower below the machine, and at last discharged through the bottom of the dryer. It is widely used for drying paddy, corn, rapeseed, soybean, wheat, sorghum, peanuts, betel nuts and other granular grains. The moisture can be 2-30% lower after drying by this drying system. 

Technical Parameters:
Model X-15
Type Batch cycle
Drying rate (t .% / h) 0.5-1.2
Handling capacity (kg / h) 800
Loading Capacity(T) Paddy (density 560kg/m3) 15
Wheat (density 700kg/m3) 18
Volume(m3) 27 Weight(kg) 3075
Dimensions (mm)
 Length × Width × Height
Drying machine:2007×2480×10000,
Overall size:2583×4321×10000
Biomass furnace(Optional) Type Indirect
Ignition Manual
Fuel consumption(kg/h) ≤60(husk)
Biomass Fuel Biomass(Husk/corn cobs/
firewood),anthracite coal
Voltage 380V,50HZ
Power(kw) elevator 2.2
centrifugal fan 5.5
Grain discharge motor 0.4
Auger motor 1.5
Dust exhaust motor  
Total 9.6
Function Loading time(min) Paddy 80-90
Wheat 80-90
Unloading Time (min) Paddy 80-90
Wheat 80-90
Precipitation rate Paddy 0.5~ 0.8%
Wheat 0.5~ 0.8%
Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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