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Rotary dryers

Food Waste Dryer

  • Capacity(kg/h):800~5000
  • Power(kw):32~165
  • Floor area(㎡):5*14~10*20
  • Raw material moisture (%):60±5%
  • Finished product moisture (%):12-15%(adjustable)
  • Materials:starch,rice,flour,bones,skin and meath,residual vegetables and residual food
  • Application area:Food waste、kitchen waste、swill, hogwash, household refuse, pigwash


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Food waste is also called kitchen wastes which refer to residual food. Food and beverage wastes are mainly composed of rice, flour and starch. This kind of wastes are rich in vitamin, starch, oi, food fiber. After disposal, food and beverage wastes are always used as forage.
During disposal process, food and beverage dryer will crush materials at first for providing convenience of dehydration. After dehydration, this machine will dry materials, which reduces the energy consumption. In the drying process, harmful micro germs will be eliminated. It is not necessary to set sterilization process, which simplifies the disposal process and saves energy for sterilization. After drying and sterilization, materials are made into particle forage, which offers convenience to package, storage and application. In addition, operator can add forage additives according to materials quality and nutrient requirements in order to get proper forage. It is better for scientific cultivation of animals. 
1. Can meet disposal requirements of municipal food&beverage industries maximally;
2. Small area is good for concentrate disposal of food wastes and on-the-spot disposal;
3. Realize standard, series and scale production;
4. Can solve problems such as pollution and resource wastes;
5. Adopt whole complete set of equipment. It can adapt to disposal of various food wastes;
6. It occupies only a small area, which is beneficial to moisture reservation and moisture increase. Therefore, there is less heat loss.
7. It runs with a whole set of equipment, which can maximally improve transmission efficiency of raw materials; 


■ Product details
►Equipment introduction:

Food waste, also called the kitchen waste (commonly known as swill, hogwash, household refuse, pigwash), is the generic terms of leftovers, dinning table waste and kitchen waste. Its main ingredients are rice, flour, starch types, bone, meat, oil, skin, thorn, scales, etc. It richly contains nutrient substance ( such as vitamins, starch, protein, fat, dietary fiber, fatty acid, sugar, salt, etc) and mineral substances (such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and iron, etc). Food waste is suitable for being used as feed after being processed.

Innovation Points

(1). Technical innovation: Based on economic value of the kitchen leftover, the kitchen leftover regeneration protein feed, regeneration oil, fermentation biological feed, organic fertilizer technology uses synthesis technique(physical, mechanical and biological, etc) to classify, extract, and process three kinds of products of different economic value in the same production line, including protein feed, grease, biological feed fermentation. They are new developed resource that improves economic value and use kitchen leftovers reasonably by new idea, new technology.

(2) Equipment innovation: the food waste in our country has many sundries, complex and unstable ingredient, high oil content, therefore, the key equipment of the complete equipment is a dedicated device that is developed after innovation and transformation. The complete equipment adopts fully sealing automatic logistics system and central program controlling system, thus realizing the kitchen leftovers regeneration process and use continuous, automatic and large-scaled.

(3) Regenerated Product Innovation: classifying and extracting the kitchen leftover, meanwhile regenerating protein feed, grease, biological feed fermentation three products belong to international innovation at present. The protein content of regenerated protein feed reaches 32-37%, which can take the place of fish feed. Regenerated grease is a raw material in chemical industry. Regenerated fermentation biological feed can be processed into all kinds of new type feeds by changing feed filing material. Therefore, this type resource is regenerated and used of 100%

(4) Project main use and applying range: kitchen waste recycling, regenerated feed grease, biological fermentation feed. This technology is suitable for city hotel, restaurant, dining and entertainment industries in our country. The centralized and scale recycle of kitchen leftover produced by enterprises, public institutions and school canteen.

The food waste dryer and feeding complete equipment developed by our company is a a kind of device that produce high protein feed by using restaurant, canteens scrap swill as raw material, through quick edulcoration, extruding and de-watering, disinfection, sterilization and drying. It is also called the kitchen waste dryer, including steps such as human(automatic) sorting, solid-liquid separation, smashing, oil-water separation, solid fermentation, drying and sterilization, grinding, packing, adding feed additive and pelleting, etc.It reduces resource gratuitous waste and food waste environmental pollution. This system introduces complete machine equipment, processes food waste, and achieves resource regenerating use. It turns food waste into wealth, becoming a necessary feed in breeding industry. This technology changes waste into high quantity of heat feed by crushing, de-watering ans drying. The feed is of golden color, even particle, which completely solves the environmental pollution caused by city catering groups when they abandon food waste at will and don’t reuse the food waste.

►Working principle:

This system smashes material firstly, which is convenient for subsequent dehydration. After dehydration, it dries the dehydration materials, which decreases the drying heat consumption. In addition, during the high temperature drying process, it inactivates the harmful microbe inside the material. Setting up individual sterilization technology is not required, which simplifies the material processing process, saves energy required in individual sterilization. After drying and sterilization, it process material into pellet feed, which is convenient for feed product packing, transportation and use. Beside, during the processing process, we can add proper feed additive according to material characteristic and feed nutritional requirement, thus adjusting the feed satisfying nutritional requirement, and helpful to scientific feeding livestock.

This food waste dryer complete equipment makes the whole processing process carry on under a constant and sealing condition, which not only decreases the floor space, but also reduces construction investment, eliminates the possible peculiar smell and environmental pollution in production process, and lowers material and energy waste.

►Performance Features:

1. Advanced technology: our company owns a number of national patent, international advanced technology. 
2. Convenient and flexible: the collection and transportation mode and processing technology can be customized based on governmental requirement(both sharding source process and centralized process are available); 
3. Green and energy-saving: it can use solar energy and air heating pump heating system, which saves powder by 70% at least, and decreases the operating cost. 
4. High oil yield rate: the oil yield rate reaches 5-10%, which can be reused completely. 
5. No environmental pollution: all the organic matters(solid, liquid, gas)can be used, no pollution discharge, thus really reaching zero-pollution emissions. 
6. Fast processing: fast processing speed, high decomposition efficiency, little peculiar smell. The weight loss rate during 4-20 hours reaches about 85%( no weight loss is also allowed) 
7. Fool-operation: safe use, mature and reliable, beautiful and durable use, fully automatic, intelligent, no special care. 
8. It introduces six big energy-saving and consumption reduction designs: optimized power design; linear control; comprehensive heat preservation, high heating efficiency, hot recycling use; unique energy-saving stirring system; anti-frosting design, etc. 
9. Sealing and deodorizing: the whole processing process is designed sealing. Biological sterilization, deodorizing and fresh preservation. Raw materials will not go bad, and washing device is not required. 
10. Convenient installation and maintenance: the complete machine is combined and constituted by standard parts, modular components and equipment unit. Scientific and reasonable, easy scale production, simple installation disassembly and maintenance.

Technical Parameters:
Model Drum diameter(M) Drum length(M) Drum inclination(%) Motor power (kw) Rotary speed
Floor area
MED-12100 1.2 10 3-5% 7.5 3-8 100
MED-15120 1.5 12 3-5% 10 3-8 150
MED-15150 1.5 15 3-5% 18.5 3-8 200
MED-18120 1.8 12 3-5% 11 3-8 260
MED-22120 2.2 12 3-5% 18.5 3-8 260
MED-22140 2.2 14 3-5% 18.5 3-5 300
MED-22160 2.2 16 3-5% 30 3-5 300
MED-24140 2.4 14 3-5% 30 3-5 350
MED-24180 2.4 18 3-5% 37 3-5 400
MED-24220 2.4 20 3-5% 37 3-5 450
MED-30200 3.0 20 3-5% 55 3-5 500
MED-30220 3.0 22 3-5% 75 3-5 500
MED-40250 4.0 25 3-5% 210 3-5 800

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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