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Rotary dryers

Fishmeal Dryer Production Line

【Main Equipment】:cooker, dryer, squeezer, double-effect concentration, horizontal centrifuge, vertical centrifuge, deodorization&waste heat utilization system
【Applications】:widely used in land or floating fish meal plants, krill meal plants, bone and meat meal plants, rendering plants, shrimp meal plants, feather meal plants, poultry meal plants, hydrolysis meal plants and etc.
【Capacity】:50 t to 300 t 


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1.     Fishmeal dryer has double blades, fast drying speed and high production;
2.     Heating with double layer steam jacket;
3.     The fishmeal dryer could be directly restarted with loading when sudden-stop during operation, avoid emptying inside materials;
4.     With steam jacket, increase drying area, properly improve drying efficient, to assure materials dried adequately.
5.     Comprehension handles, compact structure, convenient open and shut for the fishmeal dryer;
6.     The main shaft is made of super thick quality seamless pipe;
7.     Heavy reduction gearbox as main drive motor with liquid coupling for on load start;
8.     Large heating area, good drying effect to guarantee the quality of fishmeal;
9.     With steel foundation, no concrete foundation, changeable installation position; 


The wet-method whole fish meal production is one of the most advanced fish meal processing technologies worldwide at present. Consisting of five major parts: fish meal production, oil refining system, double-effect falling film concentration system and deodorization device for environment protection, and electrical general control, it can make fish meal and fish oil of high quality out of leftovers of waste and odd substances (such as head, skin, bowel, etc.) and little rough fish which is not edible, especially out of whole fish which is very resourceful, and it shows great economic benefits and social benefits.
We are the professional manufacturer of complete fishmeal and oil plant and in China. The processing capacity ranges from 50Ton, 80Ton, 100Ton, 150Ton, and 200Ton to 300Ton raw material per 24 hours which can be used for both land and floating. We also improve fish oil refinery plant with processing capacity 10T, 20T, 30T and 35T crude fish oil in 24 hours, which could be part of the fish meal plant. We are the only one manufacturer of both fishmeal and fish oil plants in China.

Technical Parameters:
Specifications Capacity (t/24h) weight (t) Power(kW) Size(m)
D-XH-50 > 50 19.0 37.0 8.5× 1.9× 2.6
D-XH-80 > 80 22.5 45.0 10.0× 1.9× 2.6
D-XH-100 > 100 26.0 55.0 11.5× 1.9× 2.6
D-XH-150 > 150 37.0 75.0 12.0× 2.2× 3.2
D-XH-200 > 200 45.0 90.0 13.0× 2.2× 3.3
D-XH-250 > 250 50.0 110.0 13.5× 2.2× 3.3
D-XH-300 > 300 55.0 110.0 14.0× 2.2× 3.3

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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