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Rotary dryers

Drug Residue dryer

【Weight】: 5.5-23.5t/h

【Power Consumption】:<30KW

【Heat Source】:Coal, oil, natural gas, timber.

【Drying Materials】:Drug Residue dryer is used for drying drug residue, slag, coal powder, mining powder, clay, sand, limestone, and more.


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  • 清洁环保

    Green production process 

    According to environmental protection requirement, whole drying system can match with various fuels. Multi-class purification system can reduce pollution.

  • 干燥成本低

    Low energy consumption and low drying cost

    Adopt special seal device, new riding wheel and limit technology. Superior quality and insulation materials can immprove thermal utilization and consume less energy. 

  • 安装调试

    Customized design

    Aimed at different raw material and present production condtion, we provide customized design and whole system makes full use of energy consumption.

  • 操作简单

    Simple operation and good controlability 

    Whole system holds high meachnical level; characterized by easy operation , stable running, strong load resistance; 



  Taida series Drug Residue dryer used for residue (penicillin mycelium, antibiotic residues, oxytetracycline residue), marc (apple pomace, tomato slag, pear, and more. Monosodium glutamate bacterial protein, sugar beet residue, starch residue, corn residue, lemon acid tail liquid, feed, protein powder, and sludge drying.

drug residue dryer

  Materials in high-speed rotating blade under toss, crushed, and dispersed in the body at the same time with the full and effective access to high-temperature hot air, strong for the convective heat, thus achieving the quality, thermal transfer process, realized the material for two consecutive high-level drying. 

Drug residue drying machine (drug residue dryer) equipment components and working principle

biomass dryer

1.Equipment mainly contain the drum dryer feed screw feed screw conveyor dust collector off the wind device fan control cabinets and other components.
2.Drug residue dryer (drug residue drying machine) works.
3.Residue from the feed screw and directly into the drum dryer.
4.Raising by spreading board hit by scattered broken device negative pressure of the high-temperature materials and media full access to complete the heat and mass transfer process.
5.Drum angle and cited the role of sub-st
yle the material slowly moving from the feed side drying out the material from the spiral exhaust exhaust through the precipitation after entering the atmosphere.

Technical Parameters:
Model TDYZ800 TDYZ1000 TDYZ1500 TDYZ2200
Throughput ≥800kg/h ≥1200kg/h ≥1800kg/h ≥3000kg/h
Water evaporation 350kg/h 650kg/h 900kg/h 1300kg/h
Speed and power 3-4rmp,4kw 3-4rmp,5.5kw 3-4rmp,10kw 3-4rmp,15.5kw
Fan power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Coal consumption ≤70kg/h ≤110kg/h ≤170kg/h ≤220kg/h
Power consumption ≤10 kw/h ≤15 kw/h ≤20 kw/h ≤30 kw/h
Area ≥80m2 ≥100m2 ≥120m2 ≥150m2
Plant height ≥3.8m ≥4.2m 5.5m ≥5.5m
Weight 5.5T 8.5T 15.5T 23.5T

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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