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Distillers dryer

【Diameter(mm)】: 600-1800


【Delivery】:15-30 days

【Application】:DDGS,bewers grain,beer less.


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There are two common types of distillers grains:
Wet Distillers Grains (WDG) contain primarily unfermented grain residues (protein, fibre, fat and up to 70% moisture). WDG has a shelf life of four to five days. Due to the water content, WDG transport is usually economically viable within 200 km of the ethanol production facility.
Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) is WDG that has been dried with the concentrated thin stillage to 10-12 percent moisture (Figure 1). DDGS have an almost indefinite shelf life and may be shipped to any market regardless of its proximity to an ethanol plant. 


Product Description
1. Beer less is the main raw material of the beer plant--The remaining solid matter of malt, rice and hops through saccharification, gelatinization technology to filter or filter press. Its main component is wheat shell, wheat germ, rice germ and endosperm, which contains a large number of undecomposed and recalcitrantsubstance polymer nutrients such as crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat nutrients, etc. 

2. Mechanical structure and working principle: 
Most by-product of beer plant is wet beer less. But it is easily to go to bad, so it tend to pollute the environment when it is transported and stored. In recent years, many breweries began to deep-processing the by-products of beer, so it not only can reduce environmental pollution, but also can increase economic efficiency, Shanghai Yongxian developed brewer's grain dryer can make the moisture content 85% to 10% through dehydration, drying. 

3. At present, this sets of equipment has been used in many domestic beer companies, feed processing enterprises. At present theseveral sets of equipment has been in the domestic beer business, feed processing enterprises and create considerable economic benefits. 



1  Beer less dryer has the advantages of high mechanization, large production capacity, continuous running.
2 .Beer less drying equipment has good ,simple structure, material can be through the barrel body resistance stable running, convenient operation.
3 Beer less dryer less failure, low maintenance cost, low power consumption.
4 product drying uniformity.
5 No smell product after drying.

Client Plant

BSG production line in German


BSG is main raw material for beer factory producing beer -- malt, rice and hops filter or filter residue of solid material through saccharification, gelatinization process . The main component is husk, wheat germ, rice embryo and endosperm .These components contained crude protein, crude fiber and crude fat and high nutrients which is without decomposition and difficult decomposition , it is has become one of the production of feed protein sources of raw materials after processing.
Because the different materials have high requirement on the dryer texture , the TAIDA series dryer’s lifter can choose different texture depend on the the different material properties, such as stainless steel, high manganese steel etc.Drying machine roller made of 45Cr material and roller adopt 35CrMo material .It is wear-resistant practical! To the greatest extent to reduce the degree of replacement of wearing parts of the equipment, it brings great benefits to customers later equipment repair and production operation!

Technical Parameters:
type GZS800 GZS1000 GZS1500 GZS2200
Quantity  delivered  of    feed  screw ≥ 800kg/h ≥ 1200kg/h ≥ 1800kg/h ≥ 3000kg/h
Evaporation  capacity  of  moisture 350kg/h 650kg/h 900kg/h 1300kg/h
Rotate  speed  and  power  of  the  rotary  drum 3-4rmp, 4kw 3-4rmp, 5.5kw 3-4rmp, 10kw 3-4rmp, 15.5kw
Rotate  speed  and  power  of  the  crush  axis 150-250rmp, 3kw 150-250rmp, 4kw 150-250rmp, 4kw 150-250rmp, 5.5kw
Power  of  induced  draft  fan 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Coal  consumption(standard  coal) ≤ 70kg/h ≤ 110kg/h ≤ 170kg/h ≤ 220kg/h
Power  consumption ≤ 10degree/H ≤ 15degree/H ≤ 20degree/H ≤ 30degree/H
area ≥ 80m2 ≥ 100m2 ≥ 120m2 ≥ 150m2
Height  of  the  plant ≥ 3.8m ≥ 4.2m 5.5m ≥ 5.5m
Weight  of  the  dryer 5.5T 8.5T 15.5T 23.5T

Note: No further notice if the technical parameters change.

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